We’re accountants too!

Liscio is designed for accountants, by accountants. Co-founded by a pair of CPAs with collectively over 60 years in the profession, Liscio was originally launched as a solution for accounting firms before branching out to all professional services. We understand your day-to-day challenges, because we’ve experienced them too. Liscio will always have accountants in mind when planning and designing new features. We’ll never forget our roots.

Be the modern firm your clients deserve.

Change is difficult, but more necessary and urgent than ever. All it takes is a few minutes scanning the volumes of IRS scam warnings on social engineering, phishing, and ransomware to realize the days of safely communicating and sharing files with clients over email are over.

And tech-savvy clients who are used to having an app for everything won’t wait forever for their accountants to set up a mobile shop. Large financial institutions have already moved their clients off of email and onto their own secure, custom-built communication and collaboration platforms.

Liscio delivers security, convenience, and transparency to firms of any size, all in a single invite-only mobile platform that you and your clients will love using.

Security: Email isn’t a safe place to do business.

The IRS has been warning us for years that email isn’t safe for business. Email continues to be the preferred entry point for cybercriminals looking to steal your data or compromise your systems. Liscio dramatically reduces your firm’s and your clients’ exposure to phishing, ransomware, and other forms of social engineering by moving client communication and file sharing to an invite-only network with real-time messaging and storage.

Convenience: Put your firm on their phones.

It’s safe to assume your millennial or younger clients are managing most of their financial lives on their phones. Just about everything we used to do in person, in office can be done on the go, on our phones. Lack of a mobile app is as good as hanging a “we’re closed” sign on your front door. Liscio gives your firm a digital front door that looks better and works smarter than anything the big firms are using.

Transparency: Nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Our FirmView™ dashboard keeps your entire team in the loop and up to the minute on all client requests and correspondence. Firm-to-One Service™ ensures that even if the client’s primary contact at the firm is out of office or on vacation, anyone else can step in and quickly get up to speed. Your clients will appreciate the uninterrupted, personalized service. No client wants to repeat their issue every time someone new picks up the phone.


File Management

Liscio’s file management system is built for speed, convenience, and compliance. We replaced the maze that is the folder system with tagging for faster retrieval. All file sharing happens in-app with layers of notifications to ensure nothing gets buried (like they often do in email inboxes). And as accountants ourselves, we made sure to design our file management system to be fully compliant with all IRS regulations regarding document archiving and retrieval.

Secure File Sharing

All file sharing happens in-app, with layers of notifications that make it impossible to miss anything that needs your — or your clients’ — attention or signature. Unlimited storage is included for all business-related documents.


With FirmView™, you’ll never miss an important task or update that needs your attention. FirmView™ tears down communication silos in favor of full transparency and quality control. Your clients will appreciate the uninterrupted service, attention to detail, and rapid response.

What accountants are saying about Liscio.

“Most clients today manage their financial lives on their phones. Firms without a mobile presence will soon be irrelevant. Liscio gives firms of all sizes an affordable way to deliver a mobile experience that clients will love.”

Tom Hood
Maryland Association of CPAs

Company: Rulien + Associates, LLC
Location: Anchorage, AK
Size: 9 Employees
Liscio Since: August 2017
About Rulien + Associates
We specialize in back-office support (bookkeeping and payroll), corporate/LLC tax returns, and individual tax returns.

Liscio is easy to use, looks great, and most importantly, customers actually enjoy using it.

Katelyn Senn, Managing Member, Rulien + Associates, LLC

Accuity Switches to Liscio.

“Liscio is designed to simplify the way we connect and engage with our clients by creating a simplified environment to manage workflows, client communications, and relationships, all in a single platform.”

Emily Lancaster
Administrative Specialist
Accuity, LLC


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CPA Practice Advisor’s Technology Innovation Award

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