Amplify the JOY in Your Practice – Spend Time on What you LOVE Doing

Amplify the JOY in Your Practice – Spend Time on What you LOVE Doing

We think about joy a LOT at Liscio. Creating space for joy is one of our key motivating factors and we constantly ask ourselves if our personal actions are adding, or subtracting, from another person’s joy.

An example is sending an email that lands in a coworker’s inbox after their work hours are over. Does that create joy? As a sender, we might feel better because it’s not on our minds anymore, but for the recipient, it creates stress. It interrupts their evening and depending on who the email came from, it creates the impetus to drop whatever they were doing to compose an answer. Again – no joy. So what we do instead is to schedule emails to land in employees inboxes at the beginning of their work day. Simple things like that have made all the difference for our employees. We remove the friction so we get better outcomes.

When we ask accountants and bookkeepers why they went into practice, they always smile and answer “I wanted to help my clients be more successful”. It’s such a joyful reason to be in a profession – to help others in such a meaningful way!

As trained professionals, you are perfectly positioned to help your clients because you have skills and knowledge they don’t have. You create order out of chaos, and when you are done the numbers tell a story that can help your clients make dramatically better business decisions. All of this creates joy in your life, and in your clients lives as well.

But you can’t work your magic if you don’t have everything you need from your clients. And this saps your joy day after day because you have to chase them for documents, and nag them.

It’s not fun. In fact after tax season ended, a poll conducted on #TaxTwitter resulted in 40% of practitioners saying they wanted to fire all their clients. It was heartbreaking to see so many people at their wits end with clients not responding to their repeated requests for documents.

But why has the process of getting what you need from clients, and how they send you those things, become so joyless? Let’s go back to the email scenario we described at the beginning of this article. Ask yourself if sending an email with a link to a portal is going to give your clients joy, or not. Then walk in their shoes as they receive that email from you (just as we did with our employees who work in different time zones).

Here’s what happens.

Your clients see your email come in and they know right away they can’t answer it. Why? Because it’s coming in during their busy work day. They are serving their clients (probably on the go) and all they have is their phone. They also don’t have a scanner handy. They don’t feel joy at this realization – instead, they feel stressed and anxious. They know you are going to send another email, and then another, and finally you’ll call them and plead for the documents you need. There’s got to be a better way.

What if you could make it as easy, fast, and secure to send documents to you, as it is for your clients to deposit a check using their online banking app?

With Liscio, you can give your clients the same delightful, secure, easy experience that banks give their clients – the built-in scanner is as easy to use as depositing a check using just their mobile phone. Because it’s so easy to use, they send documents quickly. No more texted photos, no more chasing clients for documents, no more feeling bad, and staff can spend time working their magic instead.

Clients LOVE Liscio. Your joy increases. Their joy increases. Everyone’s stress decreases.

Call us to schedule a free personalized demo. You truly do need to see this game-changing tool in action. You’ll increase throughput, bring more joy into your day, and deliver higher client satisfaction as well. The best part is, NO change to any of your existing software is needed. Liscio complements your current accounting, tax, and workflow systems (we just make them a lot more effective!)

Liscio gives back!  For every demo we conduct, we donate 10 nourishing meals to children in need.  For every new firm that signs up with Liscio, we fund 30 days of education for children in the world.  Learn more here.