Announcing Liscio Dispatch

Announcing Liscio Dispatch

Save Time with Every File you Securely Share with Clients!

When you think about securely sending sensitive documents to clients, what comes immediately to mind? Well, if you are like most firms, your current process likely involves a lot of steps. Bring up the document in your accounting, tax, or other software. Download and save it to your hard drive. Then, upload it to your secure client portal or other secure storage system. Then create an email and embed the link in it, then send to your client. Then follow up with the client to ensure they received it and have opened it. You’ve come to accept this as a normal part of your day, especially when things go smoothly and your client actually receives the document and acts on it. But there are lots of times that even with follow-up, your clients don’t open your emails, or they claim they went into spam, and you have to re-send the document. Not to mention all the times they need help with logging into your portal. And when you add in all the steps just to upload the document to your secure file sharing system, all of this adds up to a lot of wasted time.

What if there was a better way? What if you could just use your current software that you love, and simply “print” and “send” to your client, in one secure step? And what if your client would not only see, but be able to immediately act on it? How much time would you save if your daily workflow included that magic?


Announcing Liscio Dispatch

Liscio Dispatch saves your firm valuable time. This ground-breaking new feature provides you with a single, highly-efficient process for securely sending sensitive documents to clients. You can print PDF documents from any system your firm currently uses, directly to Liscio Dispatch. The moment the file arrives you tag the file, compose the message to the client and press send. All of that happens on a single screen and saves multiple steps.

Clients love it too! On the client side, the message and the file arrive together in their secure, mobile Liscio app. It’s easy for them to see it has arrived, and they can view the document, read your comments, and act quickly. They don’t have to log into a clunky portal or download anything from a link in an email. It’s all there in the palm of their hand, free from their noisy and overcrowded email inbox.

Want to learn more?

Let’s take a peek at the technology we employed to create the feature. The challenge with this feature was the creation of a simple UI that appears when a file is sent to Liscio Dispatch and then quickly moves to the background when the job is finished. From a technology perspective, our engineers opted to use the same cutting-edge technology that powers other popular applications such as the desktop app versions of QuickBooks Online and Slack. It allows Liscio Dispatch to present our user interface the moment that the document is printed to the Liscio Dispatch folder. The interface has all of the power of our in-browser experience and once the firm sends the document, the UI retires to the taskbar until the next time it is called upon.

What about the design? From a design perspective, the key was to provide multiple features in a single, simple package. This includes everything from being able to rename a file, tag a file, select contacts and client accounts, compose a message and send it all together in a single motion. We’re the first company in the profession to deliver this experience.

Feature Overview and Use Case

Feature Overview

  • Print a file directly from any software to Liscio; Scan a file directly to Liscio; or Drag-and-drop a file directly to Liscio via a Desktop folder
  • Immediately invokes a multi-function screen that allows the firm to:
    • Categorize the file (by Tag, Year and Month)
    • Associate the file with Client Account and/or Contacts
    • Compose a message
    • Save the file and send the message with a single click
    • Mark the file as Private/firm-only (if you don’t want the client to see it)
  • Liscio Dispatch automatically creates a folder on the user’s Quick Access file menu for easy access


Example Use Case

  • Sending a tax return to a client:
    • Print the tax return directly from the tax system to Liscio.
      • Click Print.
      • Select PDF.
      • Choose the Liscio Dispatch file directory.
    • Liscio opens a screen on the desktop that displays the recipient, tag and compose message fields. Fill these in quickly.
    • Click Send when done. The file is sent with the message and the file is now uploaded and available to all parties. The message and the file travel together simultaneously and securely. The client will receive email and mobile notifications.
  • Compare this to the current process: Save the file to the client’s file storage (may require download/upload), change the directory, then switch over to email, select the recipients, create a subject line, compose the message then send. Client receives two messages: 1) for the file transfer, 2) the email from the accountant, and has two systems to juggle.


Technical Requirements:

  • Must be installed by the firm employee (Mac and PC are supported)
  • May not be compatible with some Terminal Server / Hosting environments (e.g. TR VO and RightNetworks).
  • Not available for use by end clients


Resources to Help you Get Started

We’ve created some valuable assets to help our clients install and start using Liscio Dispatch. And of course, we are here to help!