April showers bring multi-factor authentication!

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New Features for April 2019 – April showers bring multi-factor authentication! 

From text message notifications to multi-factor authentication, here’s what’s new in Liscio this April.

Text Message Notifications
When it comes to response time, nothing beats texting. In fact, our beta group saw average response times that were 30 times faster than email. So, when time matters, give this feature a try.


To send a text notification:

  1. Click +Add New > Message.
  2. Click the Notify Via Text checkbox.
  3. Fill out message details.
  4. Click Send.

Text Message Invitations
Getting your clients into the Liscio platform is now easier than ever. Simply add your client’s mobile phone number and we’ll send a text that includes an invitation from you and the appropriate app download link.

Accounts required on client file uploads.
We’re happy to announce clients are now required to choose an account when uploading a file. This feature came highly requested and we’re thrilled to announce its debut! Requiring an account on file uploads will ensure time-sensitive files and notifications are sent to the right Client Service Team members. If a client isn’t tied to an account, they won’t be required to select one upon uploading a file.

New ability to change associated account files.
If your clients keep choosing the wrong account for file association, we’ve got you covered. Now you can edit the associated account and clean up any mislabeled files. As long as your client has a relationship with the account, you can make the change.

Multi-Factor Authentication
Give yourself and your clients an additional layer of data security with multi-factor authentication. With Google Authenticator as our MFA of choice, you now have a goal-line defense to keep your account and data protected even if someone is able to get a hold of your login credentials. Basically, no one can access your account without you giving final consent. To enable Google Authenticator for Liscio, check out our quick step-by-step guide here.

image shows how to set up multi factor authentication

To sign in with multi-factor authentication in Liscio:

  1. Enter your username and password in Liscio.
  2. Open Google Authenticator on your phone to retrieve your generated code.
  3. Enter the passcode on the Liscio login page.

And voilà!

image shows how to sign in with multi factor authentication

And that’s a wrap for April! Stay tuned for upcoming features and Liscio announcements!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line:
Liscio Live Chat
(765) 566-7127

At your service,
The Liscio Team