Avoiding the False Dilemma

Avoiding the False Dilemma – Why “And” is Sometimes the Best Choice

Have you ever heard a peer say that their clients won’t adapt to change? It’s the most common head-scratcher we hear. It belies how much great technology clients have already voluntarily brought into their daily lives. Tablets and smartphones are in every household. We stay in touch with texting and social media. Even grandparents are now spending more time with their grandchildren on video chat than in person.

So why do so many accounting professionals say their clients won’t change? Well, a key reason is they have a tendency to focus on the exceptions. For example, firms with a few clients that prefer to do business in person and on paper will often use them as the litmus test. However, these firms are missing the bigger picture — that type of client attitude is shrinking. But even worse, the biggest cost in their business might actually be the revenue they’re not making by attracting a new generation of clients. And these new clients expect a modern experience from their accounting firms! They simply won’t choose a firm that doesn’t give them an app and an easy way to deal with them.

Furthermore, the decision to become a modern firm doesn’t have to be an either/or decision. Banks offer in-branch and online experiences. Restaurants offer dine-in and delivery. Theatres sell tickets at the window and online. We call this Client Experience 2.0™. It’s about offering the right options for the clients you have and want.

So the next time you’re considering the right move for your company, avoid false dilemmas. The right path forward might just be an inclusive option that allows you to elegantly serve all your clients, using the experience level that they are most comfortable with. It’s an “and”.