Client portals are old and insecure.

Clients deserve better than the insecure, dated tech of client portals. As long as client portals rely on email, they’ll continue to be easy targets for cybercriminals. The most popular client portals were heavily targeted last year by email-based social engineering attacks.

What does Liscio do better? Client experience and security.

We’ve reimagined how you work with your clients. By combining secure messaging, file sharing, and storage, Liscio provides your clients with an all-in-one platform built on security, convenience, and transparency. By eliminating email, we’ve eliminated unnecessary process overhead and the cybersecurity threats that come with it. No more clunky client portal interfaces, no more digging through inbox spam, no more worrying about every click of a link or attachment. Everything you do on client portals is done smarter, faster, and more securely in Liscio.

The Zen Workspace

Liscio provides a clean dashboard of messages, tasks, and files where nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Between secure messaging, file sharing, and unlimited storage, Liscio keeps everything your clients need buttoned up in one place. No more scavenging through countless email threads to find that one attachment. A clean, spam-free platform ensures every message is seen and replied too. Liscio eliminates the noise and distractions of traditional email and multiple apps, leaving you with an all-in-one, pure firm-to-client communication and collaboration platform.

Keep it between us with secure messaging.

Your clients expect you to keep their data safe. Liscio’s invite-only platform serves as a safe harbor in a sea of distractions and security threats. Eliminate the most vulnerable part of the equation by taking your conversations off email and onto secure messaging. All file sharing, updating, and coordinating can be done via secure messaging.

Complete Visibility

Liscio FirmView eliminates email silos with total transparency. Someone out sick or on vacation? Anyone can step in and provide seamless, uninterrupted service thanks to Liscio’s deep client profiles, notes, and conversation history. This ensures that clients will never have to repeat a request or explain their issue more than once. Our centralized dashboard keeps all important client requests, updates, and conversations sticky so you don’t miss a thing.

Mobilize the office.

Let’s face it: if you don’t have a mobile app you’re late to the game. Your clients spend more time on their phones than on their computers, so give them the freedom of a mobile office. Provide seamless services and the power of your firm in the palm of their hand with a mobile app.

With the Liscio Mobile App, clients can create messages, share files, and scan documents on the go. Whether your clients prefer mobile app or web browser, Liscio gives your clients seamless access to the firm.

Real-Time Notifications

With notifications on your phone and smartwatch, Liscio moves at the speed of your clients so you never miss a beat. Real-time alerts ensure nothing important gets buried or lost. Clients respond slower to email alerts and faster to mobile notifications. If you’re in a business that deals with deadlines, real-time mobile notifications are a must have.

We’ve got your back.

If you ever need assistance, our dedicated team of product experts is always ready to help. We’ll sit down with you over phone, video chat, however you like, and walk you through any issue until it’s resolved. If you ask any of our clients, they’ll tell you our Customer Success Team is second to none.

Firms just like yours are loving Liscio.

Company: Rulien + Associates, LLC
Location: Anchorage, AK
Size: 9 Employees
Liscio Since: August 2017
About Rulien + Associates
We specialize in back-office support (bookkeeping and payroll), corporate/LLC tax returns, and individual tax returns.

Liscio is easy to use, looks great, and most importantly, customers actually enjoy using it.

Katelyn Senn, Managing Member, Rulien + Associates, LLC

Your clients will love using Liscio too.

Liscio is designed to deliver a modern, intuitive, and delightful customer experience. After all, what good is a secure communication and collaboration platform if none of your clients enjoy using it?

  • Take the stress out of day-to-day client communication and collaboration by replacing email and all its vulnerabilities.
  • Liscio Mobile App lets clients access and share files on the go, securely.
  • Clients can share paper docs in real-time without a scanner.
  • Take pictures of docs directly on your mobile device.
  • Format and crop photos directly on your mobile device.
  • Select multiple photos into a single package.

Secure File Sharing: How it works.

Messages & Documents
Liscio’s secure approach to file management keeps documents and their related messages together. This provides firms and their clients with the context they need to understand key facts and decisions made. This is a major advantage over typical file-sharing solutions that use email for sharing.

Send forms securely.

Attribute files to an account.
Do your clients have multiple businesses or accounts with you? Firms and clients can attribute all transferred files to the appropriate account. This allows you to search by account to quickly zero in on files for retrieval.

Tag files for fast retrieval.
Liscio’s tagging system is optimized for fast retrieval of online files. Use single or multiple tags such as year, account, and type to quickly locate your files. This is simpler, faster, and smarter than the outdated files and folders approach.

Secure real-time messaging.

Built-In Compatibility
Liscio automatically converts image files, Microsoft Office documents, and other file types to PDF. This ensures compatibility when sharing files with other systems in your technology stack.

Unlimited Storage
Liscio provides unlimited cloud storage for your client communications. Your clients will benefit by having real-time access to all of your shared files in the cloud.