Announcing Liscio’s Billing Engine!

Manage client payments in the same secure place you talk to them now.

A new powerful tool has just been released in Liscio. Powered by Stripe, the industry-leading payment processor, Billing in Liscio allows for one-time or recurring invoices to be sent to your clients from QBO or Liscio invoices (more on that later), and payments to be received securely within Liscio. Invoices can be paid with either credit card (2.99%) or ACH ($1). Individual invoices can also be restricted to only accept one payment type or the other.

If you are using QuickBooks, the power of this new feature grows exponentially since our billing engine integrates bi-directionally with QBO. This means that invoices created and payments received in Liscio are also updated in QBO (and vice versa)! What makes this function especially valuable is that the billing activity will also appear in your QBO AR subledger. Scouring QBO to find your client’s payment information is a thing of the past. Even better, our processing fees are recorded separately from your invoice amount, so your amount received will match your bank deposits. We help you manage reconciliation within QBO. And when you need a report, you can create and download one in just a few clicks. 

Keeping your invoices organized has never been easier either. Within Liscio, you can filter your invoices by payment status, account, owner, invoice type, and date range. You can also use the search bar to find exactly what you are looking for. To keep your communications even more organized, you and your clients can comment directly on an invoice to keep the discussion chain where it needs to be.

Our billing engine not only makes your life easier, but also your clients’. They will receive payment requests from a recognizable, safe source (Liscio!), and spend less time inputting their payment information. Compared to other billing solutions, our payment form is shorter and easier, meaning you can get paid faster. Recurring invoices can even require no data entry on the client’s side, streamlining you and your clients’ days. 

Make your days easier, get paid faster, and give your clients a beautifully simple and secure experience with Billing in Liscio.

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