Bring your clients with you

Bring your clients with you

2020 has been a stretch year for the ages. Firms have had to adapt to remote work, advise clients through a period of extraordinary change, deal with a host of tax changes and a seemingly never-ending tax season, manage a fluid PPP process, and more. And through it all, you took your clients by the hand to guide them across the line. You are their advisor, their friend, and in these turbulent times, their rock. Together you made it work – and there is so much more to be done!

Now that “most” of the crazy busy season is behind us, and you have a few moments to look up, stretch, and breathe… it’s time to look ahead and set the stage for a more streamlined and productive 2021 (for you, and your clients).

How can you make your job, and theirs, easier?

Just like in team sports, you can’t work your magic without your clients’ participation. In speaking with hundreds of accountants and bookkeepers these past few months, it turns out that client participation is often the biggest bottleneck.

Imagine sitting down at your desk every day with everything you need to do your job — including everything you requested from clients. This is the ideal state. You want to spend time helping clients, not hounding them. And they want to spend time running their businesses, not wrestling with uploading documents or responding to numerous email strings. This is precisely why you need to make it EASY for clients to work in concert with you. It benefits everyone if you can securely and efficiently service your clients where they are, while also making sure they stay on deadline.

So you can hone in on areas in your firm that are causing stress, let’s look at the most common friction points.

The number one communication bottleneck for most firms is email. Email gets slower with every passing year and yet the typical answer is to send more email. Per Symphony’s Global Communications Survey, 7 out of 10 people cite email as being their most overwhelming aspect of work. Email is a cluttered mess, requires tremendous discipline to keep on top of, and stresses people out because items fall through the cracks. Plus, communication sent to one staff member is not easily viewed by the team that may be working on that client account (without.. you guessed it… more emails due to cc’ing and bcc’ing).

Firms have adopted other solutions to reduce email and keep everyone in the loop – as an example, Slack, Teams, texting, social media, and financial apps continue to move us away from email, and we are never going back. But the challenge with these systems is that now clients have TOO MANY ways to reach you! You may feel like you came out of the frying pan and into the fire in your desire to slay the email beast.

The bottom line is that email isn’t where people really want to work, and we can’t deal easily with clients pinging us from 5-7 different places all day.

Instead, what we want is an experience that is ten times (10X) better than email. We want to be delighted. Look no further than the apps we use every day. Online banking passes the 10X test. Could you imagine going back to traditional banking? How about LinkedIn for professional networking and Facebook for casually keeping in touch? Client experience is no different. At Liscio, we recognize this and are dedicated to providing the 10X experience to firms of all sizes and budgets.


This is Client Experience 2.0™ and it delights clients AND staff.

Over the last three years, we’ve laid a strong foundation for Client Experience 2.0™. Secure client messaging, secure file sharing, encrypted password exchange, text message alerts, electronic signatures, client task tracking, integrated scanner, all on a delightful mobile app.

Your client literally takes you with them all day on their mobile phone. If you need something from them, they get a little ping on their delightfully easy Liscio App. They can scan directly from the app, and send you a readable PDF (instead of a texted photo of the document you needed). Everything is tracked, and firm members have 100% visibility over all clients they are assigned to. Clients also have a To-Do list, and it’s so easy for them to see what they need to send you, and any questions that need to be answered. Finally, you can do your work and they can theirs, and everyone is happy.

And we’re about to take client experience to the next level. Liscio Invoicing will allow your clients to instantly pay you from their mobile phone using information already on file. The Android scanner app will simplify client document capture just like its sister iOS app that is available now. Step-by-step in-product guidance will acquaint new users and guide existing users through common flows, and this is just a partial list of what we’ve got planned for the next three months!

If you feel as if you’re still swimming upstream with clients, talk to us today. We will work with you on staff training, firm best practices, and client adoption. We’ll help you create a plan to reach your goals and deliver your clients a modern client experience that they will thank you for. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Liscio can help! Please call us at (765) 566-7127 or book your personalized no-obligation demo here. Either way, you’ll speak with nice humans who can help you take your practice to the next level!