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About Bottom Line Tax Services, LLC

Bottom Line Tax Services, LLC strives to develop partnerships with their clients in order to proactively provide the trusted advice and services that will meet their changing needs, goals and interests. Accounting Services provided by the firm focus on helping business owners to lower their taxes, increase profits, and make sure they’ve got money in the bank in order to successfully operate and grow their business. Tax Services ensure that clients never pay more than they should and can plan properly to take advantage of all deductions available to their businesses. Bottom line: Jemel Smith and his team are committed to ensuring that their clients have the tools they need to manage their business and finances in real-time, or, to fully participate in the team managing their financial functions for them.

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By switching to Liscio, Jemel's team solved these firm-wide issues:

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Customer Case Study

Jemel Smith


The Business Challenge

Because the focus at Bottom Line Tax Services is on collaboration, in order to strengthen their clients’ businesses with financial and technology solutions it was important to Jemel Smith that he chose a tech stack that worked for his team and his clients. Their stated goal is to bring the same attention, quality, and problem-solving skills to small and medium-sized organizations as are enjoyed by large corporate clients.

Prior to finding Liscio, Jemel and his team were inundated by emails and things were sometimes slipping through the cracks because data was siloed, staff could not see across each other’s inboxes, and more and more technology solutions were added in order to try and patch everything together. The patchwork of solutions was draining productivity for the staff, and providing a sub-optimal experience for clients.

Cost Savings

Better Visibility for Staff

Increased Collaboration

Zero Emails & Texts from Clients

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