Customer Success Story: Rulien

Lozelle Mathai


Company:            Closing Your Books LLC

Location:              Oregon (and remotely around the US!

User Since:          February 2019

About Closing Your Books LLC

In Ms. Mathai’s words, Closing Your Books is a financial management firm owned and operated by a black woman. Her firm concentrates on providing outsourced CFO services to Small/Medium Businesses that want to stop being financially reactive and instead, become financially proactive in achieving their business goals. In her spare time, Lozelle loves to belly dance and do martial arts classes with her superheroes. 

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Lozelle's firm reported the following issues before switching to Liscio:

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The Business Challenge

Because Closing Your Books provides Outsourced CFO services to small to medium-sized businesses, with a specific focus is on being a financial partner to their clients, they employ a proactive approach which involves continuous conversations, excellent communication, and different reporting forms to ensure everyone is on the same page and acting towards a shared goal of success.

A huge challenge was to keep up with emails from different clients, especially when one email led to multiple emails. The email threads were getting out of hand and were hard to keep up with and respond to. Data and answers were spread across numerous threads, and it was difficult for everyone to understand the status of a decision or issue that was being discussed.

Emails were sometimes overlooked due to numerous different strings on the same related topic.

It was difficult to see the status of each client easily, without researching it first to ensure she hadn’t missed a key email.

Clients were confused as well - often asking her “where did we land on ____ issue XYZ?”

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