Janelle Pedulla

Owner, CPA, MBA

Company:            LongwoodCPA

Location:              Longwood, FL

User Since:          July 2018

About LongwoodCPA

LongwoodCPA is committed to providing the owners of small businesses with a collaborative, real-time, full back office support system which enables them to focus on running their businesses instead of letting their businesses run them. 

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After rolling out Liscio, Janelle reported numerous firm-side benefits.

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The Business Challenge

Prior to Liscio, Janelle and her staff were drowning in email and clients had too many ways to reach the firm, which resulted in staff wasting time searching for client data. Additionally, they needed to replace the NetClient portal the firm was using because clients resisted using it and it was prone to bugs and outages. Any solution considered had to tick the following boxes:

Cost Savings

Streamline Staff Processes

Increased Collaboration

Time Savings

  • Security was a top priority. Any new system needed to provide the firm and clients with easy and secure data transfer methods.
  • Flexible communication options for clients. Having a real-time texting option, in addition to clients sending documents and responding to tasks that staff assign them, was essential.
  • Cross-staff visibility was essential. If a staff member was out of office, other staff needed to quickly see the status of any client that called in.
  • Task tracking for staff and clients. The firm wanted a place to assign and track tasks not only to staff members, but also to clients.
  • A modern replacement for the portal. Clients and staff needed to be able to use their smart phones, tablets, and computers as they preferred.

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