Customer Case Study

Company:            Rulien + Associates, LLC

Location:              Anchorage, AK

Size:                        9 Employees

Liscio Since:        August 2017

About Rulien + Associates

We specialize in back-office support (bookkeeping and payroll), corporate/LLC tax returns, and individual tax returns.



Liscio is easy to use, looks great, and most importantly, customers actually enjoy using it.

What made you try Liscio?

Several reasons. The biggest being frustration with our current portal system. It wasn’t user-friendly. We spent a lot of time just helping customers log in to access tax returns. Customers would get so frustrated having to call us every time the password reset didn’t work. A close second was customer requests getting buried in email inboxes of staff out sick or on vacation. This led to lost requests and customer service lapses.

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Client Experience 2.0™

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By switching to Liscio, Rulien 

was able to differentiate their 

firm by providing

In the full story, we asked Rulien, 

"What advice would you give to firms considering Liscio?"

- Buggy portals with confusing mobile experience.

- Customer requests siloed & buried in email. 

- Engagement letter paperwork. 

- Delightfully designed UI that clients love using.

- Uninterrupted customer service with no silos. 

- Paperless engagement letters on Mobile App.

Customer Case Study

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