Customer Success Story: Rulien

Company:            Vilms Consulting

Location:              Boston, MA

User Since:          June 2019

About Vilms Consulting

Vilms Consulting provides business accounting services, advisory services, and training to small to medium-sized businesses. Vilms team members are QuickBooks™ Online experts committed to making a meaningful impact on each of their clientsʼ businesses.

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By switching to Liscio, Michelle's team solved these firm-wide issues:

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Michelle Vilms

Founder & CEO

The Business Challenge

Because the Vilms team is committed to making a meaningful impact in their client’s businesses, and they are a 100% remote team, it was important to founder Michelle Vilms to find a tech stack that worked for her clients and her staff.  

The specific issues they faced as a firm were similar to the challenges that many tech-forward firms face. Solutions were chosen to solve one specific problem and then cobbled together. These “best of breed” single-point solutions were chosen with good faith but when added together, they created a cumbersome process for the staff and a sub-optimal experience for clients.

Cost Savings

Streamlined Staff Processes

Increased Collaboration

Time Savings

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