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Ultimate Guide to Client Retention

The ultimate guide to client retention. Happy customers will stay a lifetime. Keeping them happy is more important than ever, and harder than ever. Today’s tech-savvy customers are more demanding because they have more choice. Clients know exactly what premium service looks like and whether or not they’re getting it. With a competing service just […]

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How to prevent phishing.

How to prevent phishing. What is phishing? Phishing is a broad term used to describe social engineering techniques that use emails with bogus links to sites you’re likely to trust, and bogus websites filled with malware-triggering links. The goal is to either trick you into providing sensitive personal information like social security number, bank account […]

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Secure file sharing with clients.

Secure File Sharing with Clients   Secure File Sharing Checklist: The Trinity Explicitly stated or not, your clients trust you to keep them safe when doing business with you. And in the increasingly paperless world of professional services today, that involves protecting them electronically, i.e., minimizing their exposure when communicating or sharing files online. Purchasing […]

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