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Introducing the FirmDash app and much more!

New Features March 2019 We’re excited to announce the launch of our firm-side mobile app, FirmDash! Please visit your app store to download it today:       FirmDash Features: Notifications Messaging Task Creation + Management Account + Contact Info File Access   Notifications Mobile notifications are the best way to stay up-to-the-minute on all […]

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New Features Live for November!

New Features Live for November! We’re happy to announce three new features now live for November!   Print Feature You can now print message threads and task info to a PDF for later use in Liscio Pro. This was one of the most frequently requested features from our customers coming from the old version of […]

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To-Dos live on Liscio Pro!

New feature is now live! What are you waiting for? Now is a great time to switch to new and improved Liscio Pro. We just added To-Dos, one of the most frequently requested features from the previous version of Liscio. So, if you were holding out, the wait is over.     To make the […]

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Introducing Liscio Pro!

The wait is over. Try Liscio Pro today. We’ve spent the last few months redesigning our UI and improving functionality. Today, we’re excited to share this new and improved version of Liscio with you. We’re calling this latest version Liscio Pro. Liscio Pro is an evolution in design and usability, taking our award-winning secure sharing platform […]

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You asked. We added.

Features you requested. Features we added. We listen to your feedback because we always want Liscio to work the way you want it to. Every feature we design is a response to realworld needs, and recently we addressed a few needs that many of you have mentioned. By popular demand, we’ve added the following features: […]

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