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Introducing Firm-to-One Service

A better client experience. We all hate bad service. As a customer, there’s nothing worse than having to explain your issue multiple times — from the beginning — to multiple people. If you’re comfortable subjecting your longtime customers to this tedium, don’t be surprised when they start to shop around. A good client experience delivers […]

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How to move clients to Liscio.

How to move clients to Liscio. We want to ensure the transition to Liscio goes as smoothly as possible for you and your clients. This tutorial walkthrough will get your clients set up and using Liscio to communicate and collaborate securely in just a few simple steps. New Clients: Begin by using Liscio with all […]

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What’s FirmView and why do you need it?

FirmView is centralized communication. One of the biggest challenges firms face is lack of visibility and transparency in client communication. To put it plainly, too many firms have no way of knowing if customers are receiving good service, until it’s too late. FirmView centralizes all communication into a single platform, and gives you a 360 dashboard […]

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