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Keeping Stress in Check

Screens are great, until they aren’t. Sure, they make us more productive. They are how the world works, but staring at them all day can be detrimental to all sorts of body systems. Terrifying is the fact that studies have found that doctors are seeing more prolonged enlarged pupils, also known as “defocus” according to Dr. Glen Steele.

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Better Breathing – 3 Powerful Exercises to Try

It turns out that breathing isn’t just sucking air into your lungs to fuel your body’s essential functions. There are also some really AWESOME ways to take full advantage of simply feeding your lungs oxygen to make your body feel instantly better. Your job is a very cerebral one. Your mind is constantly doing number-y things. To do what you do, be it bookkeeping or tax prep (or even getting up for a cup of coffee), the mind-body connection may not be something you give a lot of thought to…but it should be. It’s profound what that connection can do for you if you’re aware of some simple things. The way you breathe can have a massive impact on things like cortisol levels, which controls the likes of stress levels, blood pressure, and blood-oxygen saturation just to name a few.

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