Communication Clarity Rule #3 – Treat Your Clients Like the Owners That They Are.

Communication Clarity Rule #3 – Treat Your Clients like the Owners that they Are.

Recently, I have been sharing my experience over the first 90 days and then 5 months since implementing Liscio.  Client communication improved, there is more clarity in my practice, and Liscio’s structure allowed us to transition at our own pace.  But there has been another shift, one that has a huge effect on my work with clients and my ability to contribute to their businesses.

First, here is a quick recap of what has supported this shift so far:

  1. Where and how to communicate has become simple.  This is true for both myself and my clients.
  2. When we communicate has become less important.  Liscio handles asynchronous communication beautifully.  We all engage when it’s best for us, without apologies.
  3. Liscio helps us be in a better headspace when we interact.  Because Liscio is easy as well as focused, we can be in a similar frame of mind when using it. 
  4. Liscio evolves as we use it.  We can use it a little or a lot.  We don’t have to do everything all at once to use Liscio “right”.  There is a lot to like about a tool that lets you learn and engage at your own pace.  
  5. Liscio lets gives clients space to learn.  Liscio is becoming a resource for clients that doesn’t need me to work.  Clients are finding answers to their own questions.  That saves me time, it also and builds their confidence.
  6. Liscio encourages clients to ask more questions.   When clients have a place to engage, they feel more comfortable initiating conversations.  With Liscio, clients aren’t worried that they’re ‘bothering’ me, or somehow asking ‘wrong’.
  7. Liscio grows a common, shared space.  Liscio feels like a financial home for our work together with clients.  Feeling welcome in the space gives clients the confidence to contribute. It also sends the message that I have confidence in them, that they belong in the conversation.        

The realizations and experiences above have led me to a new phase of my journey with Liscio. 

Encouraging the Return of the Owner

It can be very easy for a client relationship to slide into something like teacher/student or even parent/child!  Some clients lean toward this flavor of ‘advisory’, but we might also be inadvertently encouraging it.  Then we wonder why clients sound like kids complaining about homework!

As I continue to use Liscio with clients, it’s providing a structure and an experience for us that reinforces what we both need – for them to act like owners, and for me to expect them to!  Liscio actually encourages a more healthy and productive client/accountant dynamic. 

Liscio creates a financial home and encourages clients to feel at home there.  That sends a powerful message – that you believe there should be such a place, that you recognize they’re important to the process!  I’ve noticed that using Liscio is encouraging my clients to take their business seriously because everything about Liscio shows that I do.  Making it easy for clients to engage better – Liscio makes professionalism more accessible to clients.

So how does the Liscio platform encourage clients to view themselves this way? 

I’m glad you asked!

Using Liscio with a client communicates that this collaboration is OFFICIAL 

  • Liscio is all about security.  When you use a solution that prioritizes security, you show that you take this seriously and that the work is important. 
  • The aesthetic of the platform is streamlined and visually calm.  It is easy and instructive without being childish or patronizing.  Clients can make it their own and explore at will.  Liscio invites participation.
  • Liscio gives clients the tools to confidently navigate their work with you.  It demonstrates your confidence that they are capable of this collaboration.

By inviting clients into something that looks and feels official,

Liscio communicates that this engagement is WORTHWHILE

When you invite a client into something that is both secure and collaborative, you send some clear messages directly to that client: 

“Your business is worth protecting.”  Security is a signal to clients that their information is valuable.  But Liscio’s platform reinforces this idea, so it never feels like a bunch of needless hoops to jump through. In fact, Liscio makes security fairly seamless.  Being able to securely access from a phone is a game-changer for most clients. 

Liscio also recognizes that there is value in the secured space itself.  So clients have their own secure spaces in Liscio.  They can upload information and assets that are important to them, but might have nothing to do with your work.  Their part of Liscio is visible only to them.  They gain a data vault and Liscio becomes even more of the “one place” for all things important to their business.   

Liscio’s security transforms client relationships.  It demonstrates that the owners work is just as valuable as your work together.  And rather than an inconvenience, the security becomes something clients appreciate – no one resents the lock on their own house!  

Your business is worth planning for.”   Once the client realizes that you view their business as the valuable thing, the whole nature of the collaboration changes.  They might become more interested in what their financials can reveal, how data can be used, or what insights they have about the big picture.  They move beyond seeing financial reports and positions as some sort of grade, judging their ability as a business owner.  They move forward into seeing opportunities to think strategically and consider more possibilities.

“Your business is worth pursuing.”  Once clients feel the value and see the tools, they can begin to internalize what the platform and your work together have been communicating all along:

  • Their business is a real thing
  • That thing is worthy of their time.  And yours!

But even more important, by inviting clients into Liscio and encouraging their help in building a financial home for their business, you are telling them they are worth supporting as an owner.  Worth your time.  Worth your energy.  Even worth building your own business around!  It gives them permission to see their value as separate from the current balances and past experiences surrounding the financial side of their business.  

Make no mistake, the reason finances feel personal is because they are.  

Once clients realize you value their work, they can follow your lead.  Clients that don’t feel ashamed of what they don’t know are more open to learning.  Clients that see their business as official will be more likely to rise to the task.  And clients that feel comfortable navigating their role will be more likely to do what you need to help you navigate yours.

Being successful isn’t just about numbers in the reporting.  It is a feeling of competence, optimism, and challenge.  Liscio as a platform encourages clients to reimagine their role in their business’s finances. By making a platform that is both formal and approachable, you send your client a clear message:  You belong here.  And we believe that.

Kelly Gonsalves, Totally Booked



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