Tech-forward firms are drowning in email and it’s killing productivity and collaboration. See how firms just like yours have tamed email, broken down silos, and taken their collaboration with clients and staff to the next level. This is Client Experience 2.0™ in action and it’s paying off for staff and clients. 

Frustrated with clunky portals and client requests buried in email, Katelyn Senn needed a user-friendly mobile experience that delighted her clients and saved her staff time. See how Katelyn, her staff, and her clients all made the switch to a delightful, all-in-one experience that brought an end to their long-lasting frustration. See Rulien’s Case Study here.

As a 100% remote team, Michelle Vilms needed a tech stack that worked for her clients and her staff. See how her firm overcame challenges with clients ignoring emails, staff wasting time looking in multiple places for client documents, and difficulty seeing across shared clients. See Vilms Consulting Case Study here.

Prior to Liscio, Jemel and his team were inundated by emails and data was siloed because staff could not see across each other’s inboxes. More technology solutions were added in order to try and patch everything together. “Liscio solved the multi-message multi-platform nightmare we used to have during tax season – we can just move so much faster now.”

LongwoodCPA moved off Thomson Reuters Netclient and onto Liscio in 2019. Janelle Pedulla, CPA, MBA, estimates they have gained DAYS per year due to increased productivity, less time chasing clients for documents, and having things all in one secure, stable, and delightfully easy-to-use platform for clients and staff.

As a firm that provides top-notch outsource CFO services for their clients, Closing Your Books LLC staff found that email was hurting their ability to provide quick answers to clients. See how Ms. Mathai was able to coral everything into an actionable, trackable, and organized space, so that no key decision was overlooked and everyone can operate at peak efficiency and accuracy.