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•  Desk-bound, office-bound.
•  Slow response times over email.
•  Insecure file sharing over email.


•  Work from phone, from anywhere.
•  Real-time messaging significantly reduced response times.
•  Stress-free file sharing over invite-only network.

I can communicate easier. I have an accountant and bookkeeper at two 
separate companies — with Liscio, I can communicate with each of them and 
I know it’s secure. I don’t feel like I have to be tied to a computer or a phone 
call. When things pop up, I can shoot a text over in Liscio and attach any 
documents I need, knowing it’s a safe environment. I don’t have to be in my 
business to make that happen, I can do it anywhere in the world. That’s what 
I appreciate most about Liscio: no matter where I am, I can talk to my 
accountant and submit things to them in a much easier way. 

           I can shoot a text 
over in Liscio and attach 
any documents I need, 
knowing it’s a safe 

How has Liscio made your day-to-day easier?

Alaska Cake Studio

Accounting Firm:  

Anchorage, AK
William Waltz, Will McDonald
Rulien + Associates

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          I know my accountant 
or bookkeeper will get 
the information 
immediately versus 
backed up in email.

It was pretty cumbersome. I would have to be at my desktop to be able to 
communicate with my bookkeeper or accountant. When transmitting 
sensitive or financial information, you never know where it’s going or who 
has access to it. Especially with email. 

Liscio made this process a lot more secure and a lot less cumbersome. 
With email, it takes a lot longer to get a response back, while with Liscio, 
I know my accountant or bookkeeper will get the information immediately 
versus backed up in email. Liscio makes it easy to get the pertinent 
information we need faster. 

What was it like working with your accountant or bookkeeper 
before and after they adopted Liscio? 

I recommended Liscio to my accountant as a layer of protection for myself 
and her clients. I’ve recommended friends to find accountants who use Liscio 
because of how much easier it is to communicate through Liscio than 
traditional means. 

With Liscio, you’re able to keep track of all your conversations in one area.  
You don’t have to go searching through your email to find something;  
everything is archived and labeled out where you need it to be. It keeps all  
of your information stored in one space versus spread across multiple places  
like your email or hard drive.

With Liscio, everything is contained down to one app. It makes our lives so 
much easier. 

Why would you recommend Liscio?