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•  Buggy portals with a confusing mobile experience.
•  Customer requests siloed & buried in email.
•  Engagement letter paperwork.


•  Delightfully designed UI that clients love using.
•  Uninterrupted customer service with no silos.
•  Paperless engagement letters on Mobile App.

Katelyn Senn

Managing Member

Several reasons. The biggest being frustration with our current portal 
system. It wasn’t user-friendly. We spent a lot of time just helping customers 
log in to access tax returns. Customers would get so frustrated having to 
call us every time the password reset didn’t work. 

A close second was customer requests getting buried in email inboxes of 
staff out sick or on vacation. This led to lost requests and customer 
service lapses. 

        Liscio is easy to 
use, looks great, and 
most importantly, 
customers actually 
enjoy using it.

What made you try Liscio?

Rulien + Associates, LLC
Anchorage, AK
9 Employees
August 2017

We specialize in back-office support (bookkeeping and payroll), 
corporate/LLC tax returns, and individual tax returns. 

About Rulien + Associates

Liscio Since:

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The last thing I want as a firm owner is a customer not receiving a response 
and not getting the best service possible. There were lots of requests to IT for 
access to out of office staff. And we had to ask clients to resend info to 
whoever was covering. This wore down my patience daily.

Next was unnecessary engagement letter paperwork. We prided ourselves 
on being a paperless firm, but we had to make clients print and sign their 
engagement letter every year. Taking this process online was a frequent  

Finally, lack of a good mobile app. Customers want us right at their 
fingertips but the app that came with our portal system wasn’t user friendly.

        The Mobile App is 
so easy to use, if my 
dog had fingerprints, 
he could probably use 
it! And it includes 
engagement letters.

Liscio’s is easy to use, looks great, and most importantly, customers actually 
enjoy using it. Customers were so frustrated with our old portal app that they 
asked why we didn’t switch them to Liscio sooner.  

Liscio’s FirmView dashboard is laid out in a way that makes it impossible to 
miss client requests. Your entire team gets full visibility and layers of 
notifications, alerts, and notes to ensure the client never has to repeat or  
resend anything. 

Liscio’s Mobile App is so easy to use, if my dog had finger prints, he could 
probably use it! And it includes engagement letters.

Liscio solved these issues and so much more. It has become our tool for 
tracking prospects, all client correspondence, signing engagement letters, 
and our new delivery system for anything we need to get to a customer. 
New clients love the fact that we have an app so they can upload files and 
message us right from their phones.

How did Liscio make life easier for you?

We could probably put together a five-page single spaced document on 
how much we love Liscio and all it has helped us solve, but let’s be honest, 
no one reads that far. If all you read is this last sentence: make the switch to 
Liscio now!

What advice would you give to firms considering Liscio?