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•  Office-bound.
•  Documents scattered across multiple platforms.
•  Stressful, insecure file sharing over email.


•  Work from phone, from anywhere.
•  One place for all docs with unlimited storage.
•  Stress-free file sharing over invite-only network.

My accountant got us started on Liscio; since then it’s allowed me to have a 
single place to upload documents and communicate with her. At the end of 
the day it makes it a lot easier for her to automate her processes. If she has 
leverage, it costs me less money to work with her.

We’re getting more and more efficient with it on a daily basis. The efficiency 
is key; now I use my phone to take pictures and load documents. It saves 
me time from the perspective of location. 

           The efficiency  
is key; now I use my phone 
to take pictures and load 

How has Liscio made your day-to-day easier?

Sudzy Salmon

Accounting Firm:  

Eagle River, AK
Jason Woodward
Rulien + Associates

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          I don’t have to worry 
about following up; I know 
our conversation is in 
Liscio and she can keep 
track of it there.

Our accountant has made it easy for us all the time, but before Liscio, 
she had to have a lot more infrastructure. She just had some turnover in 
her office, but with Liscio, I still use the same process. When I’m asking a 
question it goes to her directly. It’s definitely made the transition with her 
getting a new employee easier.

What was it like working with your accountant before and 
after she adopted Liscio? 

In conjunction with a great accountant who uses Liscio, I’d recommend that 
route for sure. It makes them more efficient which makes you more efficient. 

Why would you recommend Liscio? 

I’ve gotten to the point where I 
send her a lot less emails. Liscio 
made me more comfortable in 
trusting the system. I don’t have 
to worry about following up; 
I know our conversation is in 
Liscio and she can keep track of 
it there.

I have a lot of projects with her. 
It’s easier for me to make sure I 
get the correct information in 
the right bucket. I can start a 
thread and assign it to a project 
so there’s no confusion. 

I can do anything that I used to have to go home and do at the same speed 
in the car or on the fly. I don’t have to go home, throw it on the scanner 
and send it to her. Now I can open the mail, take a picture, load it to the 
proper Liscio bucket, and throw it away.