Ensuring Consistency Across Staff Members

Ensuring Consistency Across Staff Members

“How do you ensure that staff present a consistent face to clients across all communications?”

A prospective client of Liscio asked this question recently during a call with one of our consultants. Specifically, this firm had experienced varying communication styles and attention to detail when it came to sending written communications to clients and they felt the inconsistency might be hurting their brand. Some staff members excelled at their communications to clients, while others presented a less professional face due to typos, run-on sentences and missing context. It should also be noted that each staff member was good at their job and the firm leaders did not want to let anyone go. Ensuring consistency. 

This is a common concern in growing firms and luckily there is a GREAT solution. Use Templates! Creating a library of commonly-needed communication templates has advantages for the firm, for staff members, and for clients.

Let’s look at how each stakeholder can benefit:

For the Firm:
Consistency helps reinforce the firm’s brand – no matter who is sending the communication. Brand tone, language, and style can be incorporated across every written touchpoint. Using templates helps to ensure that important legal and regulatory information is included. Templates also help staff move faster, which can translate to higher productivity and higher profits.

For the Staff Member:
Using pre-written templates saves so much time that firm owners rarely encounter any resistance from staff members. Staff love having a library at their fingertips! Being able to select the template that most closely fits their needs and then lightly tailoring it for the particular client is a gift. It takes the drudgery out of asking clients for documents, reminding them about important tasks, sending regular reports, etc. Most staff report a sense of relief that the template library is available and are appreciative that it helps them get more done. Besides, who wants to spend their valuable time typing out the same thing over and over each month?

For the Client:
Clients respond best to clear communications from your team no matter who they are dealing with on a particular project. Receiving a personalized communication that is complete, clearly written, and on-brand is reassuring. It also saves a lot of time because clients understand what is needed of them, and can respond quickly without having to call for clarification.

Liscio knows Templates:
The Liscio Dev Team has spent a lot of time developing the Templates functionality. In July 2021 Task Templates and eDoc Templates were added to the existing Message Templates feature. Getting them set up is a snap – simply write your communication and save it as a Template. You can then use that communication over and over to clients on a one-by-one basis, or, in bulk to up to 100 clients at a time. Think of how much time your firm will save! You’ll also ensure your firm shows consistency to clients no matter which staff person is sending the communication.

To learn more about how to use these features in your own practice, check out this article. To discuss how Liscio can help you create the best possible experience for your clients, your staff, and your firm, give us a call!

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