Liscio Feature Updates for February 2021

Here are the latest feature updates in Liscio for February 2021!

Here are the latest feature updates in Liscio for February 2021!

In-Line Images

Drag-and-drop or click the image icon in the toolbar to add an image.
Resize by clicking the image and dragging the side border.
Only available in Message at this time. We will expand it to include Tasks, Notes, and eDocs.
Pro tip: you can add multiple images at a time.










Liscio Dispatch now includes Machine Learning

Liscio Dispatch will read file names and make an educated guess on Year, Month, and Tags.


If the guess isn’t correct, click to replace it. The system will continue to learn over time.
The guess is based on the file name. Use common names and date formats for best results.
Click “Check Updates” in Liscio Dispatch to download the latest version.
We will expand machine learning to the in-browser experience soon.

You can find our complete list of an ideal tag set here.


Entity Switcher
You can now toggle between Liscio accounts! If you or a client are members of multiple Liscio accounts (for example, if you are a bookkeeper and you have your own Liscio account, but you also work with a CPA in their Lisico account), you can now toggle between the two accounts. You must have the same email address and password for both accounts. To toggle between the two, click on the firm name in the bottom left corner (under your name) and click on the other firm name to the right.

liscio february 2021


Jump to Accounts / Contacts
When you need to quickly move to an Account or Contact in Liscio, you can do so in various places of the platform. All you need to do is hover over the Contact Name or the Account Name and you’ll see the card appear. From here, simply click the expansion box in the upper right corner of the card and Liscio will take you directly to that record.

liscio february 2021


Task Reminders & Task Summaries
Liscio will now follow up with your clients about tasks automatically! This will help reduce the time your team has to spend following up on overdue tasks for clients. Clients will receive task summaries via an email notification every Wednesday – this will show them overdue tasks and tasks due this week. These will go out automatically – no setup is required!

liscio february 2021


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