What is FirmView?

You can’t fix what you can’t see. FirmView eliminates communication silos — including spam-filled email inboxes — and keeps everyone on your team in the loop with a clear, panoramic view of your firm’s day-to-day business, including items that need immediate attention.

By bringing client communications, file sharing, digital signatures, and CRM onto one platform, Liscio gives you a unified space with a clear view of your firm’s day-to-day business. FirmView gives everyone at your firm access to every client request, profile, and conversation for a level of transparency that enables a proactive, seamless client experience — even when your employees are out of office or on vacation.


Eliminate email silos.

Too many client requests and action items get lost in email inboxes, buried under spam or forgotten in private threads. With FirmView, every client interaction is shown clearly in a clean, easy-to-read dashboard view that’s accessible to everyone in your firm. Nothing slips through the cracks, and you can rest assured knowing that your entire team is always up-to-the-minute on all client relationships.

No more OOO chaos.

Client expectations don’t go on vacation when you do. No more worrying about out-of-office, on vacation, or off-the-grid employees. FirmView gives everyone in your firm the ability to step in and cover, and ensures your clients never have to explain their issues to more than one person. Deep client profiles with notes and communication logs (great for compliance too) allow anyone to pick up right where the last conversation left off for uninterrupted service.

Keep tabs on quality control.

Manage quality with open-book access to messages and client interactions. See how quickly your team is responding and check in on the level of service they are providing at any time. No more guessing who’s tackling what — name and date stamps establish clear ownership on tasks and client requests, keeping everyone accountable. Filter by owner to see an employee’s assigned tasks; if you come across an employee who’s falling behind, create a to-do task right on the spot.

Go mobile.

FirmView is also available in the form of a firm-side mobile app. As long as you have your phone, the FirmDash Mobile App will ensure you never miss a thing.