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A Step Ahead of Clients’ Evolving Needs: The Journey to Liscio

Another tax season is finally behind us! Hopefully, 2018 went smoothly for you all. At Liscio, we’re always thinking about new and better ways to reduce your day-to-day stress, and minimize the chaos leading up to Tax Day. Liscio was created to make your lives, and your clients’ lives easier. This year, our engineers are focused on improving existing features, and working hard to add the new ones you’ve been asking for.

We know transitioning and implementation sounds scary and complicated, but it’s something that can’t wait. Standards are changing, and clients expect us to stay a step ahead of their evolving needs. Fortunately, we have some experience leading the way.

How firms work with their clients hasn’t evolved enough since we first introduced the “radical” idea of using a portal for online document exchange in 1999. Even though paperless was smarter and faster, it took nearly four years to transition our clients to digital. The profession is still too dependent on outdated processes today. Your clients’ needs are evolving at the speed of tech innovation, and they expect the modern firm to grow with them and anticipate change.

What was radical in 1999 is the new standard. And while the idea of replacing vulnerable email with a secure communication platform may feel radical, email is no longer a safe place to do business. The IRS has been warning the profession about the risks of using email to transfer personal and financial data since 2016. It won’t be long before secure communication platforms are the new normal in accounting. Financial wellness starts with knowing your data is safe and sound.

Along with new security considerations, we also have to acknowledge that today’s clients have been conditioned by tech to expect a smarter customer experience — with more empathy built into product design and customer service. “Get back to you tomorrow” isn’t good enough anymore. A client request that gets lost in your email inbox could easily fester into a bad online review. One bad online review can cost you prospects, a handful of bad reviews could make you invisible. Firms need a centralized, transparent communication platform that ensures nothing ever gets lost in the shuffle.

And there’s one more thing to remember. Today, you’re no longer competing locally; you’re competing against digital solutions that can market to and reach anyone with an iPhone or Android phone. Your competition is being sold through the always open App Store.
The lack of a mobile app could be all it takes to leave you out of the running.

We’ve been working to solve all of these challenges and more for nearly two decades. After listening to your pain points and experiencing them first hand, we’ve built a solution that will meet your needs today, and tomorrow. Our vision is for Liscio to become the new standard in communication. And we believe Liscio will help you become the proactive, future-proof, modern firm your clients deserve.

At our accounting firm, RootAdvisors, we just completed our first tax season with Liscio, and it was definitely better than our first season with portals some 20 years ago. We successfully transitioned over 200 clients to Liscio. Modernizing how we work with clients is a major transition. It will take time and effort. It will be a journey, but it’s a necessary journey. Rest assured, we’ll be by your side every step of the way.

Over the next couple of months, you’ll see some significant enhancements to Liscio. We hear your feedback. We’re working quickly to address functionality issues, and we’re doing our best to incorporate your wish-list items. You can also expect a major look and feel update with a more user-friendly and intuitive interface. We’re confident you and your clients will appreciate the improvements.

I’m truly excited for what’s coming this summer and beyond!

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The Liscio Difference

Firm-to-One Service
No matter who interacts with the client, Liscio will remember every important profile detail, date, and milestone for you. Anyone in your firm will be able to step in and seamlessly pick up where the last conversation left off, ensuring clients never feel handed off or passed along.

FirmView Centralized & Transparent Communication
Too many requests get lost, buried deep in email inboxes. Liscio’s FirmView centralizes communication by consolidating all client requests, conversations, and updates into a single, up-to-the-minute feed that everyone in the firm can see.

Security Comes First
By replacing vulnerable email, Liscio ensures that all your communication and file sharing is secure and encrypted — free of phishing schemes and safe from email scammers. With Liscio, your business is none of their business.

Secure Messaging Platform
No one else but your firm and your invited clients can access Liscio’s messaging platform. Add a layer of 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) at the database level and you finally have a safe digital space to talk about your finances.

Secure Document Exchange & Storage
Securely and instantly send files back and forth. Send from Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, or simply use the Liscio Mobile App to snap a pic of your document. We’ll safely store your files as long as you want, and you’ll always have instant access and ownership of all your files.

Mobile App 
Clients expect modern firms to be accessible — anywhere, anytime. No more waiting for an in-office appointment to get things done today. Just about everything you used to do in person can be done on the go through your browser or Liscio Mobile App.

iPad Onboarding
Liscio replaces paper questionnaires and clipboards with iPads to eliminate paperwork and processing time. Now, you can get your clients entered into the system and up and running as soon as they hit submit. Onboard in a minute, literally.

Quick & Easy e-Signature Process
Liscio removes the bottleneck of chasing down signatures with a Mobile App that allows you to obtain e-signatures in seconds. You can also save form templates so you’re not starting from scratch every time. It’s “Sign Here” made simple.

Engagement Letter Toolkit
Internal, robust editing tools let you create, revise, and format Engagement Letters without ever leaving Liscio. Anything you can do on popular word processing software you can do in Liscio, including saving templates.

Built-In CRM
We’ve included intuitive CRM functionality to make it easier for you to turn leads and prospects into clients. We’re thinking about your future clients too.