New Features for June 2019 in Liscio!

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New Features June 2019

New Features June 2019

We’re kicking off summer with a long list of time-saving new features, including two frequently requested ones: Recurring Tasks and Archiving Files.

Here’s the full list of new additions for June 2019:

  1. Recurring Tasks
  2. Auto-Reminders
  3. Bulk Invite to Download the Mobile App
  4. Firm-Side File Section
  5. Archiving Files
  6. Add Contacts + Accounts from Upload File Screen
  7. Uploading a File + Notifying a Client


Recurring Tasks
You asked. We listened. You can now set any task to be recurring. Just choose Set Recurring when you create the task, set the schedule, and specify the duration.

Sending follow-up reminders is busywork. Auto-Reminders significantly reduce the amount of follow-ups employees have to send. How? Liscio sends a mobile reminder every Monday for past-due items.

Bulk Invite to Download the Mobile App
Sending invites to download the Liscio Mobile App one by one is tedious. Now you can send bulk invites instead. If a Contact’s settings are set to Allow Texting, they’ll receive a text message invitation and an email invitation. If Contact’s texting capabilities are not enabled, they’ll just receive an email invitation.

How it works:

  1. Navigate to Bulk Actions and click Invite to Download App
  2. Search for the Contacts you’d like to invite
  3. Check the box next to the Contacts
  4. Click Next Step
  5. Review your list
  6. Click Send Invitation

Firm-Side File Section
Sorting between firm files and client files just got easier. We created a Firm-Side File Section, accessible in the left-hand navigation bar. And you can also easily filter by Client Uploads or Firm Uploads.


Archiving Files

Many of you have requested a way to understand whether or not a file received from a client has been addressed by your firm. Our solution to this is file archival. When a firm employee addresses a file received from a client, they can move it to the archive. This not only signals that the item has been addressed, but also keeps the Files section neat and clean. Pro tip: you can select multiple files and archive them all at once! To see archived files, just click on the blue Active button and click Archived.

(NOTE: Archiving files on the firm side will not archive them for your clients.)

Add Contacts + Accounts from Upload File Screen

To eliminate a few workflow steps, you can now quickly and easily add Contacts and Accounts from the Upload File Screen.

How it works:

  1. In the “To” field, type the Contact’s name.
  2. If the Contact isn’t already in Liscio:
    1. Click the blue plus sign
    2. Add the Contact’s first name, last name, and email
    3. Click Save
  3. In the “Account” field, type the Account name.
  4. If the Account isn’t already in Liscio:
    1. Click the blue plus sign
    2. Add the Account’s name
    3. Choose the Entity Type
    4. Click Save
  5. Click OK


Notify a Client from Upload File Screen

Whenever you upload a file, you will now have the option to send a notification message to the client. Just type your message in the “Message” field before you click Upload. (Note: If you send a file upload notification message to a Contact that isn’t in Liscio, a Liscio invite will automatically be sent.)

And that’s all of the new features for June 2019! Some of these came to life due to popular demand. We’re always listening. Thanks for your insight and feedback. As you can see, it makes a difference. It helps us make Liscio a better product.  

Stay tuned all year for New Features announcements!

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