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Liscio Product Update – New Features Added Since March 2021

The Liscio dev team has been busy since March! We’ve added time-saving integrations with big-name companies like Karbon and SmartVault, and we’ve rolled out features inside Liscio that our awesome clients have been asking for. product update March 2021

In order to help you get the most out of your Liscio account, we’ve assembled a list of the newest features added below. As always, if you would like to see how these features and integrations can benefit your firm or your clients, our Success Team is here to help!


In-product tours for clients: End User Checklist (March 2021)

liscio product update march 2021
To help your clients learn more about Liscio on their own time, we’ve added in-product Guides, checklists, tours, and info hotspots. Liscio is so intuitive and easy to use that clients love it. These additional resources are designed to help your clients get up to speed even more quickly!






Message Templates (March 2021)

If you find yourself typing out the same message over and over again to clients, you’ll want to check out Message Templates. Using message templates saves time and creates consistency and professionalism for your firm by allowing firm users to access a list of commonly-used messages and use them over and over again with single clients or in bulk. How much time will your firm save by choosing a message template instead of typing each message they send to clients?


Liscio Dispatch Message Templates (April 2021)

Message templates are now available in Liscio Dispatch when you need to quickly send a file from your tax or accounting software and you want to include a templated message with it. This comes in handy when you’re sending the same reports to clients over and over again – think month-end reports where you ask clients to review them and then let you know if they have questions – how much time would you save if you a) didn’t have to leave your accounting system to send the report, and b) if the accompanying message could be chosen quickly? (We think you’ll save a LOT of time, AND you’ll look more professional to boot!)


Liscio Invite Emails Simplified (April 2021)
To help ensure clients know what’s needed of them, the Liscio Team has simplified the invitation emails that you send to clients through Liscio to encourage them to activate their Liscio account. Because of these changes, you’ll see much higher client acceptance rates on the first invitation.


In-product tours for firms: Firm Resource Center – ‘Need help?’ tab (May 2021)

To learn more about workflows and features in Liscio, click the new ‘Need help?’ tab on the right side of your Liscio Platform. You’ll be given walkthroughs, FAQs, and webinar invites! Please let us know what you think and if you have suggestions for a topic we could add please do let us know!







Karbon Integration (June 2021)

We’re delighted to announce that Liscio is now integrated with Karbon. Taken together, your firm can now create flawless client experiences from the first conversation all the way to the delivery of the work. Featuring a single shared client database, you’ll never have to wonder if you have up-to-date contact information for clients or their companies.


Download Account Reports (June 2021)

With this added functionality, you can quickly download a report of Accounts from Liscio. Simply click the Download icon in the upper right corner of the Accounts screen. The report contains Account Names, basic Account details, assigned Client Service Teams, related Contacts and relationship types, & more!


Multi-select Accounts when Assigning Employees to Client Service Teams (June 2021)

Quickly assign multiple client accounts to employees in the Admin section by multi-selecting accounts!



SmartVault Integration (June 2021)
Now, you can access SmartVault directly from Liscio! Quickly and securely share sensitive files with clients and/or staff directly from SmartVault without having to leave Liscio. Clients receive the document in Liscio and can securely review it on the go. Files sent from SmartVault are automatically stored in the client’s file section in Liscio. Additionally, by using the Connected Desktop feature in SmartVault, you’ll be able to send documents that clients send you via Liscio, straight into SmartVault for staff to work on quickly.

We hope you like the features added since March, and that they are helping your firm to move faster, eliminate data silos, and give your clients the easiest and most delightful way to securely send you their sensitive information and documents. Of course, software is never done so please don’t hesitate to give us your feedback – we get our best ideas from our accountant and bookkeeper partners!

Liscio gives back!  For every demo we conduct, we donate 10 nourishing meals to children in need.  For every new firm that signs up with Liscio, we fund 30 days of education for children in the world.  Learn more here.
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