New Features for July 2020!

New Features for July 2020!

The most exciting, most requested feature in this release is Liscio’s New User Type: Specialist! We’ve also added an easier way to add employees to the Client Service Teams (CST) and even more search capabilities in the platform. You can read the details about the new features below. You can also catch our ICYMI (in case you missed it) list at the bottom of this feature release to see all of the features we’ve released in 2020.

New User Type: Specialist
You let us know that you hire contractors, you hire part-time employees, or you simply didn’t want all employees to have access to every account in your Liscio platform. That’s why we’ve released a new, limited-access user type for employees in Liscio called “Specialist.”

This role can be assigned by Firm Administrators in Liscio and can be given to new or existing employees. This Specialist user will only have access to the accounts they’re assigned to (including contacts, tasks, and files that are associated with the assigned accounts).

Watch our video to take a look at the new feature:

Assign & Remove Client Service Team Members

You can now easily view, add, and remove employees on Client Service Teams (CSTs) in the Admin Section of Liscio. Here’s how:

1. Click the ellipsis

2. Click Admin

3. Click Users

4. Find the employee you want to update and click the Assign Accounts button.

5. To assign accounts, click + Assign Accounts and choose accounts from the list.

6. To remove assigned accounts, click the ‘X‘ next to the account and click Proceed.

Search in Notes
To quickly find and reference notes in Liscio, we’ve added a keyword search bar at the top of the notes section that allows you to find what you’re looking for instantly. This keyword search will search the title and contents of the notes.

Search in Admin Section
Quickly perform a keyword search using the search bar at the top of the Admin section to find an employee record.

As always, let us know if you have any questions.

At your service,

The Liscio Team


In case you missed our prior emails, here is a summary of features released so far this year. The list does not include bug fixes and small enhancements.

June (Blog post here)

  1. Contact Ability to Message, Share, and Invite

May (Blog post here)

  1. Zoom Integration (Blog post here)
  2. One-Click Login
  3. Performance Boost
  4. Auto-Population of Accounts
  5. Improvements in Alerts and Inbox
  6. Relationship Filter Added to Bulk Actions

March (Blog post here)

  1. Liscio scanner app for iOS
  2. Security upgrade: See precisely which devices are logged into your account.
  3. Security upgrade: Remotely log out of any device.
  4. Security upgrade: Password changes automatically log out all devices
  5. Print files directly to Liscio using the new Liscio Desktop App (PC and Mac)
  6. Find and replace tags (individually or multiple at a time)
  7. Pin feature allows you to mark and find important Messages
  8. eDocs: Safari browser support
  9. Files improvements:
    1. Clients can filter Files by account
    2. Filter files by ‘None’ for Account/Contact

February (Blog post here)

  1. Liscio auto-scrolls to the next message in a thread
  2. Liscio auto-compresses previously read messages
  3. Files uploaded by clients are automatically tagged as ‘Client Upload’
  4. Clients no longer required to add a tag to a file when uploading
  5. Added Alerts to the Home Dashboard
  6. Print Driver (superseded by Liscio Desktop)
  7. Added editing features to the File Preview page
  8. System generated file names now include the date

January (Blog post here)

  1. Added ability to Bulk Send eDocs
  2. Added search to Liscio Vault
  3. Added search to eDocs
  4. Improved Email Notifications