New Features in August

New Features in August

The Liscio Dev Team has been busy working on a few really exciting features that we’re delighted to share with you! Check out the new features in August below:

  1. Custom Views in the Liscio Inbox
  2. Calendly Integration


Custom Views in the Liscio Inbox:
Introducing a new transparency and team collaboration feature in Liscio: Custom Views in the Liscio Inbox. The new feature allows you to create custom views for specific accounts, contacts, date ranges, or employees in Liscio. Custom views help to ensure that no message from your clients drops through the cracks, no matter who the message was sent to.


Common use cases for custom views would be:

  1. When employees are out of office and another team member needs to cover their incoming messages from clients,
  2. If a team needs to collaborate on one or more clients,
  3. For training or onboarding new employees
  4. When supervisors want to keep an eye on their teams’ responses to clients


To learn more about how this feature works, check out the following resources:


Calendly Integration:
Introducing Liscio’s latest integration: Calendly! The Calendly integration allows you to easily send your clients a Meeting Task that enables them to set up a meeting with you via your Calendly.

Here’s how you can enable the integration:

  1. Click on your Profile (name) in the bottom left corner of the menu.
  2. Click the Third-party Apps tab at the top of the page.
  3. Under Calendly, click Connect.
  4. If you are not already signed into Calendly, you will be prompted to sign in.
  5. You will receive a success banner in Liscio when connected: Connected Calendly.


To learn more about how to use the feature, check out the following Knowledge Base articles:


We hope you like the new features added, and that they are helping your firm to move faster, eliminate data silos, and give your clients the easiest and most delightful way to securely send you their sensitive information and documents. Of course software is never done so please don’t hesitate to give us your feedback – we get our best ideas from our accountant and bookkeeper partners!

Liscio gives back!  For every demo we conduct, we donate 10 nourishing meals to children in need.  For every new firm that signs up with Liscio, we fund 30 days of education for children in the world.  Learn more here.