4 New Features for May 2020!

As remote collaboration continues to replace office visits, we wanted to introduce a few new features that we think will help make working with your clients easier. We hope you enjoy them. You can also catch our ICYMI (in case you missed it) list at the bottom of this feature release to see all of the features we’ve released in 2020.

Without further ado, here are the latest features:

  1. Performance Boost
  2. Auto-Population of Accounts
  3. Improvements in Alerts and Inbox
  4. Relationship Filter Added to Bulk Actions

Performance Boost
We’re accelerating page load times throughout the platform. Behind the scenes, we upgraded our database server and began tuning the performance of each page of the platform. We are placing a heavy emphasis on Files/Liscio Vault. We’ve streamlined Liscio Vault by moving Associated Contacts and the File Audit Trail features to the individual file pages:


In combination, these changes should decrease average page load times by 50%. We will continue to enhance performance for the next several weeks.

Auto-Population of Accounts
Many of you have noted that it is difficult to find messages that are not associated with an account. We are actively tackling this problem. We are now auto-populating the Account field for clients that are tied to just one account. This will address the majority of cases. We will address clients with multiple accounts next.


Improvements in Alerts and Inbox
Previously, a file upload that contained a message would be routed to Alerts and this caused confusion. Now, when a client uploads a file and adds a message, we will present it in the Inbox tab rather than the Alerts tab. Additionally, if a firm or a client responds to an Alert, we will move the message thread to the Inbox tab.


Relationship Filter Added to Bulk Actions
To help with the efficiency of Bulk Actions, we’ve added a Relationships Filter and a Relationships Column to the following Bulk Actions: Get a Signature, Send Message, and Send eDocs.

Simply click on the Relationships Filter when creating one of the Bulk Actions listed above and choose the Relationship type you’d like to filter by.



In case you missed our prior emails, here is a summary of features released so far this year. The list does not include bug fixes and small enhancements.

March (Blog post here)

  1. Liscio scanner app for iOS
  2. Security upgrade: See precisely which devices are logged into your account.
  3. Security upgrade: Remotely log out of any device.
  4. Security upgrade: Password changes automatically log out all devices
  5. Print files directly to Liscio using the new Liscio Desktop App (PC and Mac)
  6. Find and replace tags (individually or multiple at a time)
  7. Pin feature allows you to mark and find important Messages
  8. eDocs: Safari browser support
  9. Files improvements:
    1. Clients can filter Files by account
    2. Filter files by ‘None’ for Account/Contact

February (Blog post here)

  1. Liscio auto-scrolls to the next message in a thread
  2. Liscio auto-compresses previously read messages
  3. Files uploaded by clients are automatically tagged as ‘Client Upload’
  4. Clients no longer required to add a tag to a file when uploading
  5. Added Alerts to the Home Dashboard
  6. Print Driver (superseded by Liscio Desktop)
  7. Added editing features to the File Preview page
  8. System generated file names now include the date

January (Blog post here)

  1. Added ability to Bulk Send eDocs
  2. Added search to Liscio Vault
  3. Added search to eDocs
  4. Improved Email Notifications


At your service,
The Liscio Team