New Features for October 2019: Introducing Liscio Vault

New Features October 2019

Features October 2019

Today, we’re delivering several important additions to Liscio’s file storage and file-sharing capabilities. You’ll find a summary of the changes below. Please let us know if you have any comments or questions. We hope you enjoy them!

Liscio Vault is now an option when attaching a file to a Message or Task
Need to share a file that’s already in Liscio? Now, you can! Liscio’s file attachment options now offer drag-and-drop, browse, and Liscio Vault. Simply select Liscio Vault to attach a file that is already in Liscio.



*Please note that files attached to Notes and To-Do’s will not appear in the Liscio Vault options. These files are firm-only and cannot be attached. Our goal is to prevent inadvertent sharing of internal information with clients – especially as we add file annotation capabilities.


View how files have been shared and selectively take away file access 

In the last update, Liscio began displaying who has access to each file. Liscio now allows you to selectively remove access to files.

Underneath each file name in the files section, you’ll see the name of the person who added the file to Liscio Vault and a link to the history of the file. To view the audit trail, click on the source (“Manual”, “Task”, “Message”, or “Multiple”).


Clicking “Multiple” will reveal each place the file has been shared. This provides you with pinpoint control while also providing a breadcrumb trail:


If a recipient was granted access via the manual file upload process, follow this process to remove their access as needed:

  1. Click on the Manual file upload.
  2. Click the ‘X’ next to any Contact that should have access removed.
  3. Click Yes.


To selectively delete a file from a shared location (i.e., a Message or Task):
  1. Click to open the Message or Task.
  2. Click on the ‘X’ next to the attachment.
  3. Click Yes.


Liscio will indicate that the file has been deleted from the Message or Task.


*Please note that only firms can delete files. Clients do not have a delete option.
Also, you can use the file delete function on the Files page. This will delete the file from all of the Tasks and Messages that it is attached to.

Share files directly from the files section
We’ve also made it easy to share a file directly from each file summary page.

  • Open the file and click +Share in the file details.



  • The Share File dialogue box will appear.
  • Click the ‘To’ field to add a Contact and an Account.
  • Click OK.
  • Click Share.



Share files in bulk

Need to share multiple files? Simply select the files and click the Share File icon at the bottom of the page. When sharing, you can either include a message or quietly upload the files by clicking the Do not Send Message checkbox.


That is all for this round. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us:

Liscio Live Chat

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(765) 566-7127

At your service,
The Liscio Team