Liscio Integrates with Microsoft Outlook

Eliminating data silos so nothing falls through the cracks

With Liscio + Outlook,

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your team will never have to worry about an email or important document being trapped in one team member’s inbox. Break down silos, increase collaboration, and assign emails for follow-up. 

The solution is to create Tasks, Messages, and Meetings in Liscio, directly from your Outlook Inbox!  

Here's how it works:

  • Install the Liscio Outlook plug-in on your computer.
  • Once installed you can send emails directly into Liscio so that your client and their assigned firm staff can collaborate on it together. 
  • Attachments stay with the message or task created in Liscio and become a File that is attached to the client in question. 
  • With Liscio and Outlook, you’ll never have to worry about data silos, or need to copy your team to keep them in the loop. 


An email arrives in your inbox. How can your team collaborate on it?