Liscio FrontDesk App Released

Liscio FrontDesk App Released

New firm-facing app advances efforts to modernize, digitize and reduce friction in executing a firm’s front-office client tasks.

Bloomington, IN, January 5, 2018Liscio, provider of the profession’s premier client experience platform, today announced the release of its new app — FrontDesk — designed as a companion app to the core Liscio platform. FrontDesk supports accounting firm efforts to streamline manual, paper-based front-office tasks such as updating client demographic information or collecting signatures for engagement letters or document pick up. FrontDesk seamlessly integrates and syncs with the Liscio platform.

The Liscio platform, which was launched in early July 2017, is the only client experience platform of its kind, developed to simplify management of all “front-stage” client tasks such as on-boarding, signature capture, client messaging and information requests — bridging the gap between client experience and back-office transactional work. FrontDesk is an extension of the Liscio platform, designed for internal firm use.

“Liscio was developed with the mission of taking the friction out of client interactions to help firms deliver unprecedented client service,” said Meredith Root Elmore, CXO at Liscio. “With this same mission in mind, we developed FrontDesk, which moves firms a big step forward in modernizing and digitizing their businesses end to end.”

With FrontDesk, firm staff can now present clients with an iPad to update demographic information or collect electronic signatures for engagement letters or document pickup — eliminating paper and clip boards.

The top benefits of FrontDesk include the ability to:

  • Further modernize and digitize firm operations by eliminating paper-based processes.
  • Create an electronic, time-stamped audit trail of front-desk activity.
  • Offer a proactive way to alert clients of missing information or outstanding tasks while they are still in the office.

“FrontDesk helps to further advance firms towards Modern Firm status,” said Root Elmore. “With this new app, firms can truly operate within a digital environment from start to finish.”

Front-Desk pricing is as follows:

  • $99/month
  • 20% discount for Rootworks members: $79/month
  • Monthly fee includes unlimited iPad devices


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Kristy Short, Ed.D
Public Relations