Liscio Recognized as Top New Product by Accounting Today

Liscio Recognized as Top New Product by Accounting Today

LISCIO disrupts traditional client management workflow with advanced platform that modernizes, digitizes and reduces friction in client interactions.

Bloomington, IN, March 5, 2018LISCIO, provider of the profession’s premier client experience platform, was recently recognized as one of The 2018 Top New Products by Accounting Today.

The LISCIO platform was launched in July 2017. It is the only client experience platform of its kind and was built to simplify the management of all “front-stage” client tasks including onboarding, signature capture, client messaging and information requests.

“We are honored that LISCIO was recognized as a Top New Tool for 2018 in the Client Management category. This recognition affirms our dedication to building on LISCIO’s intuitive digital platform and enabling firms to offer a truly modern client experience,” said Meredith Elmore, Chief Experience Officer at LISCIO. “Firms using LISCIO are leveraging the platform to create smooth, seamless client interactions while delivering an unprecedented level of client service.”

As noted by Accounting Today in its evaluation, Liscio is “digitally tackling this typically tricky period in your client interactions” and bridging the gap between client experience and back-office transactional work. LISCIO also has a companion app, FrontDesk, which is an extension of the LISCIO platform designed for internal accounting firm use.

“The client experience is a critical determinant of firm success because it can create a valuable point of differentiation,” said Elmore. “As the inclusion of LISCIO in Accounting Today’s ‘The 2018 Top New Products’ suggests, this is an area where modern firms are embracing technology to take both their front-stage task efficiency and their client experience to the next level.”


Liscio is a secure sharing solution that simplifies client communication and collaboration. By replacing phishing-riddled and ransomware-vulnerable email with an encrypted, invite-only network for messaging, file sharing and storage, Liscio’s cloud and mobile applications give businesses and their customers a secure digital space to connect and work together. Learn more at liscio.me.


Kristy Short, Ed.D
Public Relations