Liscio Releases — The Profession’s One-of-a-Kind Client Experience Platform

Liscio Releases — The Profession’s One-of-a-Kind Client Experience Platform

Company launches game-changing solution that simplifies the way firm staff and clients connect and engage.

Bloomington, IN, July 20, 2017LISCIO, provider of the profession’s premier client experience platform, today announced the release of its new solution. LISCIO was developed to simplify management of “front-stage” client tasks, including on-boarding, signature capture, client messaging, information requests and more. LISCIO bridges the gap between client experience tasks and back-office transactional work to support connected, positive client relationships. The company completed beta testing in June in preparation for national launch this month.

“We know that many firms have the back-office work covered — there are plenty of solid solutions to streamline transactional tasks,” said Darren Root, CEO of LISCIO. “But I also know that most firms continue to struggle with standardizing the broad client experience process — still relying on emails back and forth between multiple staff and manual document pick-up. LISCIO consolidates these tasks into a single, organized platform for ease of client communication and relationship work.”

Seasoned technology expert and Chief Operating Officer at LISCIO, Chris Farrell added, “Our core focus with LISCIO is to help firms deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction by taking the friction out of client interactions. Via a single platform, LISCIO brings firm staff and clients together at every touch point while offering firm-wide visibility into each interaction. LISCIO also offers a custom firm-branded app for mobile connectivity. We tried to think of everything a modern firm needs to work effortlessly with clients.”

LISCIO was released to the broad accounting profession in early July. LISCIO pricing is based on firm size:

  • Small (1-3 employees): $379/mo.
  • Mid-sized (4-15 employees): $499/mo.
  • Enterprise (16+ employees): Custom


Liscio is a secure sharing solution that simplifies client communication and collaboration. By replacing phishing-riddled and ransomware-vulnerable email with an encrypted, invite-only network for messaging, file sharing and storage, Liscio’s cloud and mobile applications give businesses and their customers a secure digital space to connect and work together. Learn more at liscio.me.


Kristy Short, Ed.D
Public Relations