Rising Above the Rest – Why CX 2.0 is the Key

Rising Above the Rest – Why CX 2.0™ is the Key

We live in an age of intelligent hyper convenience. With a few taps, swipes, or keystrokes, we can have just about anything delivered right to our door and we don’t even need to get out of our PJs. This is Client Experience 2.0™ (“CX 2.0”) and it’s a requirement to succeed in today’s hyper-connected world. Companies that deliver CX 2.0™ gain a key competitive advantage as well – they are not only outperforming their peer group but are also building durable online bridges to their clients that will last for years.

Let’s take a moment to consider what life was like before CX 2.0™. The traditional client experience across most industries was tactile. We deposited money at the local bank. We pushed the grocery cart around the store. The paperboy delivered the news. And clients visited us in the office. If we needed to securely send a document or get a document signed, we used a clunky single-point solution that clients grudgingly used or boycotted altogether, requiring us to chase them for it. Let’s call this CX 1.0.

What has changed in recent years is that businesses are bending over backward to meet us where we are and delight our socks off. Online banking is a snap. Supermarkets and specialty food houses deliver directly to our homes. News is streamed to us in real-time. And none of this comes at the expense of the traditional service — we can still visit a bank branch, stroll the supermarket aisles, and buy a physical paper. We gained options and convenience and lost nothing in the process. The business fits into our lives seamlessly, rather than us having to fit into the business. This is CX 2.0™.

At the core of CX 2.0™ is the simple premise that what is good for the customer is good for the business. And it clearly works. Bank of America, Walmart, and the New York Times are all examples of CX 1.0 businesses that successfully embraced CX 2.0™. They expanded their client base, increased profits, and created durable bridges to future generations of clients.

So how can you bring CX 2.0™ into your practice? The first step is to embrace change. This is the highest hurdle. For every firm that makes the leap, there will be several that will be slow to act. Blockbuster and Kodak are familiar examples of successful businesses that didn’t keep pace with change. Once you’ve made your decision, commit to the process, and focus on delighting your clients wherever they want to work with you.

Remember, CX 2.0™ is awesome for your clients and for you. Firms that successfully harness the power of the Client Experience 2.0™ wave will thrill their clients, earn more referrals, and lose fewer client accounts. They will also delight their staff and free up time to focus on providing more robust advisory services.

Just think of all of the services you’ve recommended recently — chances are they’ve already rolled out CX 2.0™.

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