Jessy Groove

There’s a 96% chance you can increase your experience.

Based on the analysis, there are a lot of liscio experience issues you need to tackle. We emailed you personalized recommendation for how to improve Client Experience and set firm up for greater success in 2021.

Assessing your Responsiveness

Are clients asking to text you?

Are clients resisting adopting your client portal?

Are you having to provide technical support for the solutions you offer?

Assessing your Security

Are clients sending passwords, EINs or SSNs using email or text messages?

Is your company storing client password and login information in an unencrypted database?

Do firm members share log-ins to any of your systems?

Assessing your Communication

Do you have more than 3 ways for clients to reach you?

Do you ever have to chase clients for documents you need?

Do clients ever ask you to re-send information you’ve already sent them?

Do your clients struggle to meet your deadlines?

Do staff have to check multiple systems or places to see the status of a client?

Is your email full of cc’s and bcc’s from staff trying to keep you in the loop?

DAre your staff asking each other for updates on clients?

Do clients have to wait for responses because a staff member is not available?

Have you ever asked a client for a document that they had already sent to a different staff member?