Email isn’t secure.

Most people share files over email. Unfortunately, email is the most targeted platform for hackers looking to steal data. Phishing, ransomware, and social engineering scams all start with email. And it’s not just your financial accounts in the crosshairs. They target all your accounts. Shopping, productivity, streaming entertainment, and portal accounts are all vulnerable because they depend on email to communicate and work with you. Secure file sharing is impossible unless you remove email from the equation. So, we did.

Secure File Sharing

What makes Liscio file management secure?

 Secure Messaging
 Secure File Sharing & Storage

Liscio replaces email completely for client communication and collaboration with our own secure communication, file sharing, and cloud storage platform that lives on an invite-only, password protected network. That means no one else but you and your invited clients have access.

Firms just like yours are loving Liscio.

Company: Rulien + Associates, LLC
Location: Anchorage, AK
Size: 9 Employees
Liscio Since: August 2017
About Rulien + Associates
We specialize in back-office support (bookkeeping and payroll), corporate/LLC tax returns, and individual tax returns.

Liscio is easy to use, looks great, and most importantly, customers actually enjoy using it.

Katelyn Senn, Managing Member, Rulien + Associates, LLC

Your clients will love using Liscio too.

Liscio is designed to deliver a modern, intuitive, and delightful customer experience. After all, what good is a secure communication and collaboration platform if none of your clients enjoy using it?

  • Take the stress out of day-to-day client communication and collaboration by replacing email and all its vulnerabilities.
  • Liscio Mobile App lets clients access and share files on the go, securely.
  • Clients can share paper docs in real-time without a scanner.
  • Take pictures of docs directly on your mobile device.
  • Format and crop photos directly on your mobile device.
  • Select multiple photos into a single package.

Secure File Sharing: How it works.

Messages & Documents
Liscio’s secure approach to file management keeps documents and their related messages together. This provides firms and their clients with the context they need to understand key facts and decisions made. This is a major advantage over typical file-sharing solutions that use email for sharing.

Send forms securely.

Attribute files to an account.
Do your clients have multiple businesses or accounts with you? Firms and clients can attribute all transferred files to the appropriate account. This allows you to search by account to quickly zero in on files for retrieval.

Tag files for fast retrieval.
Liscio’s tagging system is optimized for fast retrieval of online files. Use single or multiple tags such as year, account, and type to quickly locate your files. This is simpler, faster, and smarter than the outdated files and folders approach.

Secure real-time messaging.

Built-In Compatibility
Liscio automatically converts image files, Microsoft Office documents, and other file types to PDF. This ensures compatibility when sharing files with other systems in your technology stack.

Unlimited Storage
Liscio provides unlimited cloud storage for your client communications. Your clients will benefit by having real-time access to all of your shared files in the cloud.