Take security seriously.

IRS, ABA, FINRA, and security experts all agree that email isn’t a safe place to work with clients. It’s the number-one most targeted platform for cybercriminals looking to steal data. Social engineering attacks are becoming more sophisticated and harder to spot. All it takes is one accidental click to expose your firm’s and your clients’ data. If you want to take security seriously, the very first step is to establish secure client communications. That means replacing vulnerable email.

Invite-Only Platform

Liscio goes a leap further than any other client communication and collaboration platform by taking all messaging and file sharing off of public, insecure email platforms and onto a private, secure, invite-only messaging platform.

So, what does “invite-only” mean? No one else but you and your invited clients have access to our private messaging, file sharing, and storage platform. All of your conversations and files are encrypted in transit and stored on a closed network. Liscio gives you and your clients a safe digital space to connect and work together.

Real-Time Messaging

Send forms securely.

If you know how to send text messages, you know how to use Liscio’s Secure Messaging App. There’s a reason people prefer texting over email for connecting with friends, family, and colleagues. Email inboxes are littered with spam, junk, phishing scams, and ransomware triggers. Messaging is instantaneous, more secure, and more convenient. Liscio’s Secure Messaging works in real time, on an invite-only platform, on your phone. Just about everything you used to do in person can be done on the go through our Mobile App or your web browser.

Never miss an important message with FirmView.

With real-time alerts and notifications, FirmView ensures you never miss an important client message, request, or update ever again. With notes, deep client profiles, and full transparency, FirmView eliminates communication silos. Your clients will enjoy uninterrupted, seamless service, even if their primary contact at your firm is out of office or on vacation. Anyone can step in, quickly get up to speed, and pick up where the last conversation left off.