New Features for September 2019

New Features September 2019

Features September 2019

If you’re using Dropbox, Box, ShareFile, or a similar file management solution for firm and client files, we’re excited to announce that a safer and smarter file management system is on the way. And it’ll be included inside Liscio!

It’s a huge build that we’ve been working on for months. And we’re nearly done. In fact, we have some of the new file management features ready for you to start using right away! Here’s what’s new:

  1. Liscio can now store all of your files: both client-facing and internal “firm-only” files.
  2. Added new file sharing features by popular demand.
  3. You can now add and remove tags; change year and month labels in bulk.


Store All of Your Files in Liscio
You can now safely store permanent files, internal files, etc. alongside client files in Liscio.
Here’s how it works:

1. There are two ways to add firm-only files:

  • Click ADD NEW > File from the left-hand navigation.
  • Click FILES from the left-hand navigation.


2. When the file upload window appears, you’ll note the “Make Private” box is automatically checked. This means that new uploads are firm-only by default (for your safety).



So, if you add Contacts and/or Accounts to the file and the “Make Private” box is checked, then the file(s) will appear under the Contacts and/or Accounts only to the Firm. The client will not see them.

3. Liscio presents a LOCK ICON next to the file name to clearly indicate that the file is not visible to your clients.



Pro-tip: Adding a file to a To-Do Task or to a Note will automatically mark the file as Private.


New File Sharing Features
Remember how you couldn’t upload a file to more than one person before? You can now! Need to notify multiple business owners of updated financials? Just add them all in the “TO” field, type your message, and hit upload. It’s that easy.



Also, there are times when a client will need access to a file you’ve made private. We added an easy way to allow this.

To share a Private File with a client:

  1. Click on the file name to view file details.
  2. Click the Share icon.
  3. All Recipients associated with the file will show up in the “TO” field.
  4. Click the “TO” field to add additional Recipients.
  5. Type a message OR click the “Do Not Send Message” checkbox.
  6. Click Share.



​​​​​​​Additional Notes:

  • If you share a file outside of your firm and assign an Account to it, the Accounts Owners will be able to see the file.
  • If no account is specified, then only the Contacts added to the message will see the file.
  • The lock icon will be removed in order to indicate that the file has been shared outside of the firm.
  • Files that are tied to Notes and To-Dos cannot be shared at this time.


We know there’s more work to do on the file sharing front. We’re not done yet. There’s more to come in the next few weeks.

More file sharing features coming soon:

  • Remove file access.
  • Attach existing files in Liscio to messages and tasks.
  • Add new people to files that have already been shared.


Add and Remove Tags / Change Year and Month Labels in Bulk
You can now quickly edit tags, years, and months for files in BULK! Simply select multiple files from the Files list and scroll to the bottom of the page. Any changes made to tags, years, or months will be applied to all selected files, all at once. Bye bye busywork!



We’re working hard to make Liscio a one-stop shop for all your client communication and collaboration needs. A big part of that mission is creating a file management system that doesn’t just measure up to what you’re currently using, but one that’s better than anything you’ve tried. The new features above are just a start. You can expect more file management upgrades in the coming weeks!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us:
Liscio Live Chat

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(765) 566-7127

At your service,
The Liscio Team