Streamlining Process

What would a lean and efficient front office mean for your firm?

If you’re like most bookkeeping or accounting firms out there, you spend a lot of time trying to get clients to send you documents you need to do your best work. It isn’t too unlike when your two year old DESTROYS a bag of flour right before it’s time to bake his birthday cake (I was that kid…flour boy). Accounting professionals spend up to 40% of their professional time chasing clients down. You work hard to please them, but something is missing when it comes to communication with them. They’re busy, too, after all, but it seems like things would be just…better if everyone was pulling the rope in the same direction. And it shouldn’t be messy (looking at you, flour boy).


Lack of transparency across your firm. Clients not responding to communications you send them. Too many places to search for the information you need. Data silos causing trapped information. Clients TEXTING!!! Staff leaving the firm. These are all top issues firms face when their client communication methods are sub-optimal.


Firms need a single source of truth where all client-facing interactions live in a secure cloud-based environment that results in your staff being able to easily see everything needed to do their best work. At Liscio, we call this Client Experience 2.0TM. It will change the way your firm moves. 


Streamlining process sends productivity to the MOON!

Let’s not parse words here. An efficient streamlined process in your firm means a better bottom line. It’s that simple, but you get so much more from that lean process when you move to a Client Experience 2.0 model. 


First, you make an experience for your clients that will truly delight them. The Liscio mobile app allows your clients to scan documents into crystal-clear PDFs and send them securely to you right through the app. No email. No texting. (Texting and emails are not secure – just a bad idea in general.) No Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other outside tool needed. It’s just simple; you request the document either via in-app message or by assigning the client a task in the app, they respond after scanning the doc on their phone, hitting send, and BOOM. Done. When used with the in-app secure texting feature, the median response time is…sit down for this…six minutes!




Does your current process top that? What if this was just the norm in your firm? 

Another issue facing firms, and this isn’t news to you (it’s been this way for ages), is having too many places to look for information. Data silos have been an issue in the accounting and tax field for a long time, but with Liscio, the walls of these silos come tumbling down and you get transparency across your firm. Your staff won’t have to look in multiple places (email, texts, cloud drives, file cabinets, couch cushions…is that a half eaten Jolly Rancher?!?) for the files and communications needed for their day to day work. Instead, it’s all housed in Liscio and you, as the firm owner/manager, have control of who sees what. Set it and forget it…move on to more pressing issues. 


OH…did we mention mobile eSignature capture? Yeah. It’s right there in the app. 


And security? Forget about it. Our cloud-based end-to-end bank grade encryption is baked in. Everything done within Liscio is secured and can only be seen by those who need to see it. The invite-only model assures you that you have full control over the data and comms needed in your firm. This also eliminates clients texting your personal/work cell phone number. Secure messaging inside the app allows clients to get back to you in a way that is familiar and convenient to them and allows you to respond when and where you want. You help your clients build a new habit for how they interact with your business in a way that makes you more agile. 


If you have staff at your firm, no matter how many, when one leaves, your business could suffer. It doesn’t have to.

Look…it happens. People leave jobs all the time. Retirement. Starting a family. Moving. Deciding to chase the dream of being an NFL quarterback at the age of 37. Whatever it may be, people are feeling less locked into their employment than ever before. The pandemic had a part to play, but this idea is here for the duration now. If your firm lives by email or texting for client communication and document exchange, you’re setting yourself up for a lot of work, and even money, if a staff member who manages accounts leaves. You risk the client going with that employee if they continue in the business. 


Solving this issue wasn’t easy until Liscio. Because it is a single source of truth for all client documents and communication, attrition doesn’t have to be a hit to your bottom line. All of their data, communication, and documentation live in the cloud in YOUR Liscio account. If an employee leaves, you can pick up the ball and continue running with their clients without missing a beat. You may not be a quarterback, but you can still feel like a hero even if people aren’t shouting your name from the stands. 


You have permission to not give your personal cell phone number to your clients!

It may feel like you have to give your clients your cell phone number, but you really don’t…and you shouldn’t. What you need is a spot for all that to live in a secure place that is accessible to you and the staff you need to see it that is accessible from anywhere. It needs to be as easy as texting for the end user, and it needs to be an experience they enjoy. We’re a mobile-motivated society now; if we can’t do it on our phones, we may not do it at all. Look at mobile banking. Are you ever going to take a physical check to the bank again?


Messaging clients needs to be this easy. It is within the Liscio platform. If you can text message, you can message within the app. It seems redundant, but we can’t overstate this point: this all has to be easy and it has to be secure. With Lisico, all of this is automatic. 


Are you ready to streamline your processes and make your job a joy again? Give us a shout or schedule a FREE demo today. We would love to show you how we can help you get some of the joy back in your work and how to do so in a way that makes your clients happy. 


At Your Side!

-The Liscio Team


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