The real cost of email.

The real cost of email.

Email is costing you more than you think. Between time spent sorting through messages, sending follow-up after follow-up to unanswered emails, dodging cyberattacks, and piecing together siloed conversations, the true cost of email affects your business and your bottom line. While this dated platform has been the reigning online conversation channel since its debut in 1972, when it comes to maintaining client relationships, productivity, and security almost 50 years later, you can’t afford to stick with email. 


Email wastes time.
With the average professional receiving 120 messages a day, people spend a staggering 2.6 hours of each workday checking, sorting, and answering emails. Even once a message is read, slow response times are baked into the email experience. The median time it takes someone to reply to an email is 1.87 hours. After this window, your chances of seeing a reply drop with every passing hour. This I’ll-get-to-it-later mentality and lack of urgency slows conversations, stalls your workflow, and obliterates productivity. 


Email kills productivity. 

Your inbox is noisy. With every oh-so-urgent subject line, BOGO sale promotion, and flash travel deal fighting for your attention, the inbox is an incredibly distracting place to work. When someone sees a new email notification, it can take up to 23 minutes to get back on track. Once directed to the inbox, new arrivals take center stage — throwing a wrench in your workflow and stifling productivity. 


Email cripples collaboration.
Email is an awkward place to collaborate. It’s a 47-year-old tool that can’t keep up with the speed of modern business. In fact, email has become the new snail mail. Conversations longer than just two replies are hard to follow. Between missed CCs, BCCs, and buried threads, email is notorious for communication siloes. Drawn-out email threads can make searching for attachments and shared documents feel like a stressful scavenger hunt. An alarming 31% of professionals report wasting more than 20 minutes hunting down documents in email threads daily. 


Email puts your company at risk. 

Email isn’t safe. Between phishing scams, socially engineered content, and malicious attachments, email is riddled with cyber threats. These crimes are highly successful and easy to carry out, making email a popular target for bad actors. With 30% of phishing messages being opened by users and 12% of those people clicking on malicious links, these attacks are gaining traction by the hour. For companies on the receiving end, these hits aren’t cheap. The average phishing attack costs a mid-size business $1.6 million in damages and recovery costs. As these low-cost, high-reward crimes grow in success and popularity, it’s no longer a matter of if you’ll be targeted, but when.


Email hurts your customer experience. 

Your customers want a tool that allows them to quickly and seamlessly have their needs met. Email, frankly, isn’t up for the task. It only takes one bad experience for a customer to walk away from a brand for good, meaning customer experience is more important than ever. Your clients deserve a communication channel that can keep up with them in real time. Between crowded inboxes, delayed response times, and cyber threats, email is bad for customer experience. 


No matter how you spin it, email is costing you. For a tool that was created in the ’70s, it has had oh-so-few updates to its capabilities and interface. As our products, tools, and tech evolve daily, there’s no reason our communication should stay in the disco era. To protect your productivity, customer experience, and sanity, look to secure messaging and collaboration platforms that factor email out of the equation completely.  


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