The Secret to Taking Back Your Day

The Secret to Taking Back Your Day

This far into the “busier season” if you are like most practitioners you are acutely aware of the non-value-add tasks that slow you down. The secret to taking back your day is to deal with what we call “Time Vampires”.

A Time Vampire is a task that adds no value. It could be done by someone much less skilled than you but ideally it can be solved by technology so that no human needs to spend their day doing it.

To name just a few:

  • chasing clients for documents (often multiple times for the same documents)
  • resending emails you sent once (or twice) already
  • reminding clients of deadlines
  • searching for documents across multiple channels and platforms, including asking co-workers if they have it in their inbox
  • endless downloading and uploading of documents from and to your portal


When you look at the list, you’ll note that none of them actually add value to the project at hand. Sure, you ultimately get the documents you need and you make the deadlines by sheer force of will and lots of late nights, but really, all these time vampires do is just slow you down. It’s frustrating yet most practitioners just grit their teeth and accept that it’s all a necessary part of the workflow.

Our last article focused on quantifying these time wasters – on average accounting professionals lose 30-60 minutes (per client engagement) dealing with time vampires. It’s time you never get back and it’s difficult to bill for. But even worse, it prevents you from taking on more clients, adding higher-value services to your mix, or spending meaningful time with friends and family. As you come out of the “busier season” and you start to see the end in sight, think how your next season will be much better if you have a viable solution that addresses time vampires.

Liscio is a great choice – it’s built to simplify and centralize your sensitive communications with clients, including easy and secure document exchange. Staff get more done because there are no data silos or bottlenecks, and no portals to troubleshoot for clients. And the very best part is that you don’t need to make any changes to your back-office systems because Liscio plays very well with everything.


When you make it easy for clients to send documents to you, they do it quickly

  • Liscio is 19x faster than email.
  • Median client response time is just 6 minutes when you use the integrated text messaging feature.
  • Clients love using the mobile app to scan and securely send documents on the go using just their iPhone or Android phone.


“Clients are responding and submitting documents faster than we can keep up with. They certainly have embraced Liscio faster than the NetClient portals.”

–    Diane Sollenberger, CPA, CIA, The Barrows Sollenberger Group, PC


Staff gets more done
With client documents flying in securely with no chasing, staff can get more done. Clients see what they owe you using the client-facing task list you set for them. Liscio even auto-reminds clients whenever they are late on a task you have assigned them. Collaboration soars because staff have full visibility into the status of all their clients and can work as a team without having to ask each other what’s going on.

If you could come in each day and sit down with all the documents at hand, and simply do your work without having to stop and badger clients, how much more work would you get done? What would you do with an extra 30 to 60 minutes per client engagement? How beneficial would the extra time be to your personal and professional life?

In short, you would be taking back your day, and the time vampires can go and live in someone else’s office

By using Liscio, LongwoodCPA was able to do 150 more tax returns in 2020 with no increase in staff, and no overtime. By using the right method to send and receive documents securely with her clients, and making it drop dead easy for them, her staff were able to deal with time vampires and their productivity soared. Read their case study here.

To see how Liscio can help you provide a world-class experience to your clients and slay the time vampires once and for all, book a personalized demo here.

Liscio gives back!  For every demo we conduct, we donate 10 nourishing meals to children in need.  For every new firm that signs up with Liscio, we fund 30 days of education for children in the world.  Learn more here.