Top Tips to Increase Client Adoption of Liscio

Top Tips to Increase Client Adoption of Liscio

Did you know that you have access to our Client Adoption Center, full of free resources you can use to get your clients excited about using Liscio to communicate with your firm?

This valuable free resource includes a checklist plus a downloadable client adoption package. Inside you’ll find roll-out email templates, the Liscio mobile app link, the Liscio plugin code so you can add the login directly to your website, links to client youtube videos, a snazzy email signature, and more!

Be sure to check it out – the best thing you can do to increase your firm’s productivity in 2021, differentiate your firm from others, and increase client engagement and loyalty, is to offer Client Experience 2.0™ to all your clients.

Below, please find a list of Top 10 Tips from our amazing Success Team – designed to help you get more of your clients using Liscio, so you (and they) can have a better, more productive year ahead.


1. Start with staff make sure everyone understands Liscio, has installed it on their phones and computers and is using it to reach out to clients.


2. Get clients on the Liscio Mobile App. Once they see how easy it is to scan documents, complete tasks and eSign, etc. they’ll love to use it.


3. Use Liscio to send files to clients – Upload files into Liscio that clients want or need and then send the Liscio invitation to them. Then, call them and walk them through their first login and document retrieval.


4. Target Clients who text you – use the Liscio Mobile App invite or informational email. (Use one of our templates!) Then answer their text through Liscio.


5. Copy and paste clients’ email communication into Liscio and respond through Liscio. Then call them and walk them through how to access your answer.


6. Send your clients resources. Liscio has an extensive video library and Help Center. As an example, you can send the Client Overview video in an email to resistant clients, to help them see the benefits in a visual way.


7. Use features like eSignatures, text notifications, and file exchange to incentivize usage. Show them how easy it is to use, including how many fewer steps it takes compared to the old methods.


8. Install the Liscio plugin on your website, before sending email templates and invites so your clients know right where to go to log in from their desktops.


9. Use Bulk Messages for the expired invites so your clients get something personal with their invite (call Support if you would like help with setting this up).


10. Create multiple touchpoints with your clients – each time reminding them of Liscio and the benefits of having “your firm in their pocket”.


11. Put Liscio EVERYWHERE! Newsletters, email signatures, on your website, social media, etc. Make sure clients know about Liscio!