Unpacking WHY Clients Don’t Send Documents on Time

Unpacking WHY Clients Don’t Send Documents on Time

If you struggle to get your clients to respond to you on a timely basis, and you have to repeatedly chase them for the documents you need, you are not alone. It’s the number one complaint at accounting, bookkeeping and tax firms. Clients Don’t Send Documents on Time

There’s lots of advice available, ranging from “be clearer with your clients” to “incent them to send their documents early” or “increase fees as the deadlines approach”. But those things don’t work. You know because you’ve probably already tried them.

In order to truly understand why clients don’t send documents on time, it’s important to look at the problem from different angles. The first is to understand your client’s day, and the second is from a technological perspective.


Understanding Their Day
It would be a mistake to simply say that your clients are unresponsive because they don’t care. This is not true for most clients. They DO care and they DO understand the importance of sending documents on time.

But here is where the rubber hits the road – your clients are very busy people, and they may be on the go all day. So what happens when your clearly-worded email arrives in their inbox in the middle of their busy work day?

Well, if your clients are like most business owners, they are serving their own clients! Your email has to wait until they have time to address it. Meanwhile, it slides lower and lower in their inbox as it fills up with other email.


Understanding the Technology in Their Hands
The other issue is that during your client’s busy day, it’s very likely that the only thing they have in their hand is their phone. If your email contains a long list of documents needed, a due date, and a link to your portal, your client knows immediately that they cannot respond to your request because they are not at their computer, and you haven’t given them a way to send the documents using their phone (although they may take a minute to acknowledge your email and tell you they will try and find time to get your those documents.) And then their busy day takes over and your email slides lower and lower in their inbox as it fills up with other email.


What if it’s not their fault? What if you are just asking them the wrong way?

  • Firms who use Liscio get responses from clients 19 times faster than the same requests made by email.
  • The median client response time is just 6 minutes when the secure text messaging feature is used in Liscio.


WHY do clients respond so much faster using Liscio?
It’s simple – they are on the go and email is easy to put aside in favor of more pressing things like running their businesses or dealing with their own clients. Give them a drop-dead easy way to respond using just their mobile phone, and you’ll get quick responses every time (and by response, we mean actually sending the documents you need, not just acknowledging your request).

With Liscio, you become a seamless part of their day, instead of an interruption. You become the “accountant in their pocket”. If you want your clients to send documents quickly, with no chasing, stop asking for things via email and use a tool designed to delight busy clients instead.


Liscio makes it easy for clients to respond quickly and not break stride.
It’s as easy, fast and secure for clients to send you a document using Liscio’s delightful mobile app, as it is for them to deposit a check using an online banking app. How much faster would your firm move if you have all your client documents on time, and in one organized place?


To learn more about how Liscio can help you get your clients to respond quickly and be deliriously happy doing it, schedule a demo here. Our humans are really nice and you’ll love how much they know about busy accounting firms like yours.

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