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Women in Leadership: Balancing Competing Priorities

If you have ever felt overwhelmed by seemingly competing priorities, you are not alone. This practical webinar led by Damari Perez is designed to help you hone your leadership mindset when it comes to balancing competing priorities.

SNH Pre-Conference: Your Best Practice (and Life!) Awaits!

If you’ve been feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day, and your professional energy tank is running low, this webinar is for you! Come and learn from three very successful practitioners who have conquered the issues that used to hold them back. They are now thriving in their practices & lives overall.

Presented as a “live case study”, Lynda Artesani, Dave Kersting, and Kelly Gonsalves will share the tech stacks they use daily, with the role that each plays, plus numerous tips and “power moves” that they employ so that every day is a good day in their firms.

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