Why Client Experience 2.0™ Firms Send Less Email

Why Client Experience 2.0™ Firms Send Less Email

Remember when “You’ve got mail” created such a positive buzz that Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks made a rom-com out of it? Imagine pitching that movie to a focus group today. Cue the groans! What happened? Well, email has turned into a stressful experience. It’s overwhelming. It’s overcrowded – and we hate it.

Because it is now so difficult to separate the signal from the noise in our inboxes, we have turned to alternatives to communicate with the people who really matter in our lives. We text our friends and family. We use social media. We use apps to communicate internally with co-workers and staff, etc.

But what about clients? What is our solution to communicate with them? While it is true that many businesses still rely on email for client communication, there are a growing number of businesses that are using smarter, more delightful ways to communicate with customers.

The proverbial cheese has moved, and it’s paying huge dividends in terms of delighting clients and increasing loyalty and engagement. Smart businesses are now meeting their clients where they are, instead of using old-school methods to engage with them.

This is Client Experience 2.0™.

Client Experience 2.0™ is about being accessible to clients on the go and fitting seamlessly into their lives. There are some fantastic big brands that have been doing this quietly – and once you look at their services through the lens of Client Experience 2.0™, you’ll understand why it’s such a revolutionary step forward. For example, look at the success that Chase Bank, the New York Times, and Walmart have had with their online experiences. Customers can use a delightful mobile app to interface with those companies, giving them a complete experience available in the palm of their hand and while on the go. These brands have complemented their traditional offline services with fabulous online experiences, but lost none of the offline experiences that they were known for. You can still have a paper copy of NYT delivered, if you prefer that. You can still physically go to Walmart or Chase. But you gain so much more when you use their app. Think about what this would mean in your firm.

Client Experience 2.0™ is about using the right tool for the job. This doesn’t mean that email goes away completely. It just means that it is used less less frequently. For example, using email with clients who eschew modern technology is fine. Sending sensitive information such as SSNs and passwords over emails is not. Sending marketing emails is fine. Sending tax returns and wire transfer requests is not. The key is to set the right policies for the firm and for clients, and to use the right tools.

Client Experience 2.0™ firms send less email. With a way to interface with clients who are on the go, and fit seamlessly into their lives, communication becomes actionable, meaningful, and delightful for all concerned, not to mention secure and organized. Client Experience 2.0™ firms use modern technology to fit into their clients’ lives in a delightful way, enabling everyone to work together in a smarter way.

What’s good for clients is good for firms. If every accountant had a penny for every time a client missed an email, lost a document, or wanted to text, they’d all be retired. Dare to dream! The reality is that if customers don’t want to use your clunky portal, how useful is that technology? How many hours are spent chasing clients, resending documents, or looking in email, the portal, the eSignature solution and text messaging for client correspondence? And these lost hours are probably less costly than the revenue the firm is missing out on by not keeping up with what customers want.

Businesses that stay close to their customers vastly outperform those that don’t. Just ask Kodak, Blockbuster and Yellow Cab. So instead of pitching “You’ve got mail” to your clients, consider pitching Client Experience 2.0™. Your clients will reward you for it.

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