Why you shouldn’t have to pay for customer service.

Why you shouldn’t have to pay for customer service.

A company is only as strong as its customer service. When it comes to building long-lasting customer relationships, nothing can replace the game-changing benefits of five-star service. Bad service, on the other hand, can easily cost a brand time, money, and a whole lot of clients. A sure-fire way to serve up a poor experience is by putting a price tag on your customer service. In the professional services space, we know how important it is to provide a premium experience for our customers, so why would we accept anything less when it comes to getting our own help? Bottom line, you should never pay for customer service. 


Charging for service undercuts trust. 

After you’ve purchased a product or service, your relationship with the brand is only just beginning. Just like a client of your own, you begin to build trust and work out the kinks with an attentive, genuine, and helpful customer experience. A pay-per-service experience is a quick way to sabotage that connection. How? By keeping a credit card on file to charge the moment you need assistance. Charging for customer service is like asking for a dollar after helping someone with their groceries — it spoils a positive act with an unsettling price tag.


Paying for service presents obstacles. 

As a company, your success depends on the success of your customers. A strong brand invests in the success of its clientele by giving them support at no additional cost. When you’re a consumer, paying for customer service puts a barrier between you and the help you need. It deters you from getting the necessary answers to solve a problem, unpause downtime, or simply streamline your operations. Charging for customer service is simply a low blow. 


Great service pays for itself. 

Customer experience is crucial. A whopping 89% of consumers believe customer experience is just as important as the products and services a company brings to the table. It only takes one bad experience for a customer to walk away from a brand for good. In fact, 92% of customers will ditch a brand after three (or even fewer) bad experiences. Consequently, consumers are willing to pay top dollar for a top-notch experience. Customers will spend 17% more on products and services in order to work with a brand that offers a great experience. As consumers, we want support we can trust that doesn’t have a by-the-minute price attached to it. At the end of the day, we’re willing to pay more to get the relationship, experience, and service we deserve — included. 


Quality over quantity. 

Just because service is included doesn’t mean it’s great. Offering free bad customer service can be just as damaging as charging for service. Slow response times, missed requests, and disgruntled support reps are all major red flags when it comes to customer service, even if it’s free. Companies should provide first-class service at no additional cost that, when it comes down to it, always enhances the customer experience. 


Consumers hold the power. 

Making your customers pay for service is a big no-no, so how do companies continue to get away with it? By being the only contender in the space. Luckily, the market is moving past this leverage point (and fast). Today, consumers have a variety of competing brands to choose from and hold the power to decide when and where they bring their business. 

The ball is in your court. As a consumer, you have the freedom to opt out of services that simply don’t play fair. Choosing trustworthy brands like Liscio that invest in their clients with free, five-star customer service and a team of dedicated professionals will set you up for success for the long haul.