The new standard in client
communication & collaboration.

Introducing a secure, collaborative, and future-proof client experience platform.

Email isn’t good enough.

How Liscio works.

Accuity switches to Liscio.

Why Liscio?

Because email isn’t safe, and “get back to you tomorrow” isn’t good enough. Your clients expect a communication and collaboration platform that anticipates their needs, evolves with them, and works on the go. Liscio gives you everything you need to become the proactive, modern firm your clients deserve.

Firm Benefits Client
Secure, centralized communication to replace email
Streamlined, real-time collaboration with total visibility
Personalized service that never forgets who you’re talking to
Mobile App that puts it all in one place, on the go
Instant iPad onboarding
Safe document storage for as long as you need it
Simplified signature process
Built-in CRM

Who uses Liscio?

Trusted accounting firms who put their clients first.

With Liscio, there are no more communication silos.

James Wurbs, Partner, Dunning & Associates LLC

Nothing gets lost in the shuffle.


FirmView unifies all communication into a single platform.

Too many requests get lost, buried deep in email inboxes. Liscio’s FirmView centralizes communication by consolidating all client requests, conversations, and updates into a single platform that everyone in the firm can see. FirmView keeps your entire team up-to-the-minute on all client relationships, and makes it easy for teammates to be proactive and step in to cover when needed. FirmView keeps everyone alerted and working on the same page — no slips, no delays, no excuses.

Liscio allows the entire team to see what's going on and what's needed.

Arthur Portnoy, CPA, Portnoy CPA

Firm-to-One Service

Clients shouldn’t have to introduce themselves more than once.

Liscio gives your firm the tools it needs to always provide customer service with a personal touch. With notes and alerts, Liscio turns one-to-one service into Firm-to-One service. No matter who interacts with the client, Liscio will remember every important profile detail, date, and milestone for you. Anyone in your firm will be able to step in and seamlessly pick up where the last conversation left off, ensuring clients never feel handed off or passed along.


All our staff has access to see what communications have occurred with clients. It was smooth during tax season — when a client called to see if we received something, anyone answering the phone could help them.

Tabitha Swanson, President, The Swanson Group LLC

Security comes first.


Email isn’t a safe place to do business.

Financial wellness starts with knowing your personal and financial data are safe and sound. By replacing vulnerable email, Liscio ensures that all your communication and file sharing is secure and encrypted — free of phishing schemes and safe from email scammers. With Liscio, your business is none of their business.

IRS Security Timeline

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    Consumers Warned of New Surge in IRS Email Schemes during 2016 Tax Season; Tax Industry Also Targeted
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  • IR-2016-28

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    Consumers Warned of New Surge in IRS Email Schemes during 2016 Tax Season; Tax Industry Also Targeted
    Read More

  • IR-2016-34

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    IRS Alerts Payroll and HR Professionals to Phishing Scheme Involving W-2s
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    IRS, Partners Warn Tax Preparers of Data Theft Risks; Launch New Campaign to Increase Awareness
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  • Liscio Founded

    Apr 01, 2017

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  • Liscio Launched

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Keep it between us.

Our messaging platform lives on an invite-only network.

No one other than your firm and your invited clients can access Liscio’s  Secure Messaging platform. Add a layer of 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) at the database level and you finally have a safe digital space to talk about your finances.


Liscio Secure Messaging eliminated unsecure emails and allowed us to safely exchange info. I think a program like this is inevitable with the current environment of daily data breaches.

Cayce Rountree, Partner, Warren Jackson CPAs

We’ll keep your docs locked.


Send and store safely as long as you want.

Through Liscio’s portal, you can securely and instantly send files back and forth. Send from Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, or simply use the Liscio Mobile App to snap a pic of your document. We’ll safely store your files as long as you want, and you’ll always have instant access and ownership of all your files. 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) at the database level keeps your files safe in transit and in storage. 

It is hard to select just one thing I like about Liscio — I would have to say one of the top items would be the security (not having to worry about sending/receiving sensitive information).

Amy McHale, Administrative Assistant, Knoll & Company, P.C.

Put your firm on their phones.

The modern firm has to be mobile.

Clients expect modern firms to be available when they need them. They want you to be accessible — anywhere, anytime. No more waiting for an in-office appointment to get things done today. Just about everything you used to do in person can be done on the go through your browser or the Liscio Mobile App.


We got really positive comments on Liscio Mobile App as it's so much more than a portal to upload docs. It's a complete interactive tools/notes/tasks solution that's been so helpful.

Jorge Rodriguez, Founder & Principal, JA Rodriguez, CPA, LLC

Onboard on iPad with FrontDesk.


Get clients on board in a minute, literally.

Liscio replaces paper questionnaires and clipboards with iPads to eliminate paperwork and processing time. Now, you can get your clients entered into the system and up and running as soon as they hit submit.

I love that clients can enter in all of their profile information directly into our system via FrontDesk on iPad, creating fewer mistakes in data entry.

Kristal Hassler, CEO, TKCPA

“Sign Here” made simple.

Fetch e-signatures via browser or Mobile App.

Liscio removes the bottleneck of chasing down paper signatures via browser or Mobile App, allowing you to obtain e-signatures in seconds.


Liscio has made life easier for us and our clients by being able to request signatures on engagement letters and consent to disclose forms. We no longer have to email the client with instructions to print, sign, scan and then send back to us.

Dane Jones, President, Krigbaum & Jones, Ltd

Save templates, save time.

Minimize Engagement Letter prep time and processing using a robust built-in text editor, smart templates, and e-signatures. 

Liscio allows our tax clients to simply e-sign tax engagement letters. This speeds up our setup process and gets our clients started with the system right away.

Cayce Rountree, Partner, Warren Jackson CPAs

Built-In CRM

We’re thinking about your future clients too.

We’ve included intuitive CRM functionality to make it easier for you to turn leads and prospects into clients.


Liscio's built-in CRM functionality allows us to track, nurture, and provide personalized service to our clients throughout the entire journey from lead to longtime customer — all without the need for an add-on CRM solution.

Jill Bailey, Client Manager, RootAdvisors