Tired of chasing clients for documents?

Don’t blame them, blame your systems.

If you’re like most firms, you spend a lot of time waiting for clients to send you documents. You probably also waste countless hours searching for things across multiple different platforms. Stop chasing clients for documents and give them an easy, secure, mobile file sharing app they’ll love. Client Experience 2.0™ begins with Liscio. And the best part is that accountants and bookkeepers can move a lot faster with Liscio.

Liscio is 19 times faster
than email
& 100% spam free.

With Liscio, clients answer quickly. Their median response time is 6 minutes.*

Liscio delights clients and staff.

Liscio is a modern, secure, mobile solution for firms to communicate with clients and exchange sensitive information, eSignatures, and documents on the go.

Clients love it and firms move faster.

To see how Liscio can help your firm benefit from Client Experience 2.0™, schedule your free, personalized demo below.

    What Liscio Firms are Saying:

    "Clients are responding and submitting documents faster than we can keep up with. They certainly have embraced Liscio faster than the NetClient portals."

    Diane Sollenberger  |   CPA, CIA, The Barrows Sollenberger Group, PC

    "With Liscio, we are organized with client contact information, client requests, and secure account documents. The whole client team is aware of all the communication with each client."

    Michelle Vilms  |   Founder, Vilms Consulting

    "Liscio makes it ridiculously simple to organize, categorize, and easily reference important information that I need to serve my clients. And it makes it easy for my clients too!"

    Seth David  |   President & Founder, Nerd Enterprises, Inc.

    "I can see myself saving days over a year, just by using Liscio."

    Janelle Pedulla  |   Owner, LongwoodCPA

    "I like the fact that my whole team can see what's going on with a client as opposed to when it was stuck in the email silo and I was the bottleneck. That's really helped us."

    Mary Pierce  |   Founder, Pierce & Company

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    "With Liscio, we had a better tax season this year than ever before."

    James & Cindy Buss  |   Owner, Buss CPA

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    "I'm so glad I got on Liscio a year ago, so this whole COVID transition has been seamless."

    Michael Mette  |   Founder, Your Tax Place

    "Liscio has been the super star of helping us in exchanging data to clients and the banks in the process."

    Darrell Layman   |   Founding & Managing Member, Layman CPA

    Watch 1-minute Video

    "Liscio is easy to use, looks great, and most importantly, customers actually enjoy using it."

    Katelyn Senn  |   Managing Member, Rulien + Associates

    "Liscio solved the multi-message multi-platform nightmare we used to have during tax season - we can just move so much faster now that we are using Liscio."

    Jemel Smith  |   President, Bottom Line Tax Services, LLC

    "Liscio is fantastic. My clients love it! Most of them use the mobile app and respond to me immediately when I ask them for something."

    Lozelle Mathai  |   Founder, Closing Your Books, LLC