Client Experience Comes First

Baker pulling a tray of fresh cupcakes out of the oven with his mobile phone in his back pocket with Liscio mobile app on the screen.

The experience clients want.

Email plus document portal equals a clunky client experience. Liscio’s front office platform delivers a client-friendly online experience that makes it easy to work with you.

Social influencer at an outdoor cafe with her cold brew checking her Liscio mobile app for real-time messaging alerts.

Clarity not clutter.

Email is jammed with noisy threads shouting for your attention. Liscio gives you a private, distraction-free online space to work with clients.

An illustration showing a cybercriminal in a fishing boat phishing for sensitive documents using email as bait.

Out-of-email peace of mind.

The IRS and FBI rank business email compromise and spear-phishing as top security risks. Liscio’s invite-only platform dramatically reduces your exposure.

The Modern Front Office

All-in-one. Online. On the go.

All-in-One Digital Front Office

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Everything you need in one place.

Having real-time messaging, smart file management, and client-facing task management in a single place saves time, clicks, and cost.

“Everything is tied together in one nice little bundle inside Liscio.”

Karla Geldermacher

Karla Geldermacher, Owner

Real-Time Messaging

A private channel for you and your clients.

It’s far too easy for urgent business to get buried under a sea of email spam. If you need answers fast, Liscio real-time messaging is a secure hotline between you and your clients.

“Our clients are now using Liscio’s Real-Time Messaging to work with us instead of email. What you notice right away is the dramatic improvement in response times. When you don’t have to share a channel with spam, phishing, or robocalls, and it’s just you and your invited clients, you get answers a lot faster. Since we’ve adopted Liscio, our support call volume has dropped by 50 percent.

Alison Sharp

Alison Sharp, Client Experience Manager

Side-by-side checklist comparing Liscio’s capabilities against email, Dropbox, ShareFile, SmartVault, and NetClient CS.

Liscio Vault

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Smarter file management built in.

Why pay for a third-party file sharing and storage solution when Liscio Vault works smarter and comes included?

Invite-Only Network

Let’s keep it between us.

Liscio gives you a secure, spam-free, phish-free, quiet space to work with clients.

Liscio eliminated insecure emails and allowed us to safely exchange info. I think a program like this is inevitable with the current environment of daily data breaches.

Cayce Rountree

Cayce Rountree, Partner

Mobile App

Let’s all work from phone.

Our mobile app gives your firm and your clients the freedom to connect and work together from anywhere, anytime.

Mobile App

“We got really positive comments on the Liscio Mobile App, as it’s so much more than a portal to upload docs. It’s a complete, interactive tools/notes/tasks solution that’s been so helpful.”

Jorge Rodriguez

Jorge Rodriguez, Founder & Principal


Firm-to-One Service™

Total transparency powers seamless client experience.

In email, communication is siloed. FirmView keeps it transparent with up-to-the-second task tracking that ensures everyone is on the same page for seamless, uninterrupted Firm-to-One Service.

“All our staff has access to see what communications have occurred with clients. It was smooth during tax season — when a client called to see if we received something, anyone answering the phone could help them.”

tabitha swanson

Tabitha Swanson, President

Who uses Liscio?

Trusted professional service firms who put their clients first.

Trusted firms who always put clients first.

“Liscio is easy to use, looks great, and most importantly, customers actually enjoy using it.”

Katelyn Senn

Katelyn Senn, Managing Member